"I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; both of my parents as well as my brother and sister still live there. As I write this, I am one day from my 49th birthday so it is natural for me to reflect on my life. Currently, it is rather peaceful and balanced but I fought hard for this serenity, maintaining it with principles that I apply daily. One such principle is responsibility demonstrated through pet ownership.

I moved to Providence Supportive Housing in September 2004 and have been part of this diverse and vibrant living community ever since. Here, a common theme is that animals are loved and appreciated. There are dogs and cats on every floor; it appears to be a fraternity of pet owners of which I am now a part of.

My cat was given to me in May of 2005 when he was a tiny kitten not much larger than my hand. He and his sister were abandoned by their mother on our back property. Two neighbors brought him to me saying he needed a good home and that my time had come. I somewhat hesitantly thanked them and took in this handsome little kitty which I named Alexander (Alex). The next day I took him to the veterinarian for shots and that began my journey of learning about animal health and ensuring I maintain Alex’s wellness.

I have learned so much from my neighbors who are also cat owners and when I look at how happy and healthy Alex is, I am really grateful that I have done well."