Morn's Story

"Originally from Cambodia, I have been living in the High Point community for over 20 years. I like living here in my Providence Supportive Housing apartment so much. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to the state, the government and everyone who has helped change my life from dark to light. The house director here always answers all of my questions and makes sure my needs are met.

At Providence, I found a quiet and peaceful place to live, especially compared to my life in Cambodia during the Pol Pot Regime. Thinking back, my life then was pitiful. I moved from a Thai camp to a camp in the Philippines where I lived for almost three months. After that, we were sponsored to come to the United States. We arrived in Connecticut, where we lived for a while, and then we moved to Boston because we heard there were lots of jobs there. We couldn’t find jobs or public housing though so we moved to Rhode Island. We lived there for a while but still couldn’t find jobs or public housing assistance programs. We heard there was low income public housing and programs for people who can’t find jobs in Seattle, Washington so we relocated again.

When I arrived, I was very lucky to get help from the Housing Authority. I first lived in public housing and then I moved to Providence Supportive Housing. At that time I was 60 years old and it’s the best place to live for elderly people."