Lai's Story


"I grew up in Vietnam. I joined the Vietnamese National Police Force in 1960 and worked as a Captain at Saigon City.

After the Fall of Saigon, I was in prison from 1975 to 1985, 10 years under the Communist Party.

In 1994, I immigrated to United States, thanks to the Orderly Departure Program (ODP), and I have lived in Seattle, Washington ever since.

My life is very comfortable here at Providence Supportive Housing. Ever since I moved into my apartment every aspect of my life has improved significantly. I live in a community that is well-loved and very supportive of each other, if feels as if we are siblings.

I built my own unique scooter; it’s a hobby of mine. I love engineering things and I also like to build my own tables, etc. at home.

In my free time, I read the bible and go to church every week to hear the pastor preach about Jesus."

Life is just a hundred years,
Went I return to His hand, it is then eternal