Diana's Story


"I am so happy to live here at Providence Supportive Housing. It’s calming to sit outside on the patio and listen to the neighborhood noise and the laughter of children playing at the nearby schools. I just love it!”

Before moving into Providence Supportive Housing, Diana was struggling to get by. The mother of two and grandmother of five was laid off from work in 2008 and the rent at her senior housing complex was more than she could afford on her fixed income. In addition, Diana has diabetes and much of her monthly income went to her insulin supply and half a dozen medications.

“I was having problems when I was in my last home because I was spending around $700 a month just on medication. By the time I got my pills, sometimes I wouldn’t have any money left for food. It was getting to the place where I had to decide what I wanted to do; usually it was pay for my medication if I could, and then I would go to the food bank for food.”

Moving here has “taken a lot of pressure off my shoulders” says Diana. “It’s changed my life because I am able to relax and enjoy myself and do more for myself than I could before. The building is secure and clean and everyone is polite and friendly. ”

“I’m thankful to Providence and the Sisters that I am able to be here and be safe. Words can’t express my feelings. If I could hug all of the sisters I would do that –that’s how happy I am!”