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Now is your time to be sure the most comprehensive health care network is part of your health plan. Providence’s in-person, virtual, urgent, and ExpressCare options help you navigate complex health conditions in a way that works best for you. Choose world-class, compassionate health care. 

Health care is personal. Read stories from Kerrie and Kristine, Joel, Lisa, and more.


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Here's How to Connect With a Providence Doctor

Find a primary care doctor in the Providence network. We have world-class compassionate physicians in your neighborhood.

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Providence accepts most health insurance plans. Visit your health plan’s website or call to ensure your doctor is in Providence’s network.

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Call your physician’s office or schedule an appointment online. You can find your doctor’s phone number or online scheduling information using our search feature below.

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If you have PPO or Original Medicare, call the doctor’s office directly to schedule an appointment.

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Need help finding the right doctor?

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Patient Stories

Read about our world-class compassionate health care in these Providence patient stories.

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