Darius Zoroufy, MD

Sleep Medicine Practitioner
Languages: English
Accepting New Patients
Professional Statement
My care philosophy is to use a cooperative and compassionate approach to improve the quality of sleep and contribute to overall health. I work hard to understand teh patients symptoms and concerns in order to provide meaningful and understandable advice and clinical care. By using a wide array of diagnostic tools such as home testing and overnight sleep studies, the most advanced positive airway pressure therapy options, and a network of the best consultant resources, patients can achieve restful sleep and improved health.
Drexel University College of Medicine
Medical School
University of Wisconsin in Madison
University of Wisconsin Clinical Sleep Medicine Program
Professional Associations
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Personal Interests
I enjoy spending time with my family, playing music, spending time outdoors, running and reading.
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Internal Medicine, Sleep Medicine
  • American Board of Sleep Medicine, Sleep Medicine
Clinical Interests
  • bedwetting
  • bruxism
  • cardiac risk assessment
  • cataplexy
  • circadian rhythm disorder
  • confusional arousals
  • daytime sleepiness
  • home sleep study
  • movement disorders
  • narcolepsy
  • nightmares
  • obesity hypoventilation syndrome
  • periodic limb movement disorder
  • polysomnography
  • restless legs syndrome
  • sleep abnormalities
  • sleep apnea
  • sleep disorders
  • sleep paralysis
  • sleep phase disorder
  • sleep related hallucinations
  • sleep talking
  • sleep-related eating disorder
  • snoring
  • somnambulism

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4.7 out of 5 (166 Ratings, 25 Comments)


Dr. Z is possibly one of the top sleep doctors in the country

Dr. Zaroufy was very professional, personable and informative.

Dr. Zoroufy is my favorite Dr. He always take the time need to discuss all my concerns.

I would and do suggest Dr. Zoroufy to anyone having sleep concerns. His knowledge, concern, and suggestions on Sleep Apnea has made my life so much better! I know I speak for both my husband and myself, but am fully certain his other patients feel the same when I say, "You aren't allowed to retire for a very long time Dr. Zzz!!!!!"

Dr. Zoroufy is an excellent provider. What I like most is that he is SO FAMILIAR with me when he walks in the room. He doesn't need to always be on a computer to look up information, he knows it coming in the door. He is so prepared. I have to say my favorite thing about Dr. Zoroufy is the examples he gives. In this particular appointment he gave me two examples which were so relevant to me, that I couldn't believe it. I even shared these examples with my family. He's so plugged into my personal situation and that is so refreshing. I don't come to see him often, but on one visit, I truly believe he may have saved my life, when he recognized a concussion and immediately sent me for additional care. I was downstairs at the E/R within minutes, and he even called me the next day to see how I was doing. That was amazing. He is very positive and often says things like "I think you're doing great" which makes me feel good, because I work hard to comply with the instructions he gives. I take my care seriously, and it's nice to have a physician who shares in that care, with firsthand knowledge. I also appreciate the importance he stresses with privacy. For example, on this visit, since my CPAP sends information to his clinic about my usage each day, he spent a fair amount of time explaining how important the security and privacy of that information was to him, and in very simple terms explained it in a way that made me feel very comfortable. I wouldn't have even thought to bring that up, but he told me it was important to him, and with that, I realized it was important to me also. He is very in tune with current medical advances, and he's web and social media savvy, which I really appreciate. His examples are great, and he often gives me things to think about and to research in a way that is tailored to me specifically. I also appreciate the way he interacts with other departments, including neurology. On this appointment, he had truly read all of my recent background, so I didn't have to spend the whole appointment explaining everything. And his comments were not only relevant, but in concert, and in addition to what I had already been told. He was able to provide additional thoughts and ideas that hadn't been shared with me by other doctors, and tailored to the CPAP treatment I have been on for quite a few years. Dr. Zoroufy's care, has allowed me to sleep less and avoid oversleeping, but with EVEN better sleep. I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. I can't say enough about his care, and the attention he has to me, as an individual patient. He is someone I truly trust. One of the kindest and most caring physicians, I've ever met. Proud to have him involved in my care, and of all my physicians, his recommendations have led to the most overall improvements in my life in general, and that stretches beyond just sleep, but also to mood and ability to live my life the way I did before Sleep Apnia. Can't say enough about his care.

Dr. Zoroufy is so vastly superior to the outfit [...] I was subjected to before. The whole experience was probably normal however, it seemed so much more pleasant.

Zoroufy is the best

Dr. Zoroufy's professionalism alongside his positive outlook and encouragement gives me confidence to stick w/ the program.

Great doc.

I'm grateful for Dr. Zaroufy's knowledgable and thoughtful care. I couldn't be more pleased to have him on my health care team.

My wife spent a hour with this Dr discussing her sleep problems. When I went in for my visit, he spent not more than 10 minutes. We live 100 miles away and pretty disappointing to drive

I always learn something extra when I see Dr Zroufy, and leave better informed and feeling better able to manage my home care.

Very articulate; great personality.

This was my second visit to Dr. Zaroufy. I was immensely impressed. He listened carefully, sorted through a set of complicated problems affecting my sleep, and made sensible recommendations.

[...] The dr set me at ease, was very mild, attentive, concerned, I could go on. What a refreshing experience!!

exceptional service from care provider

provider said he was going to look for a person who does emdr in my area. haven't heard anything

First Provider that I have seen in the last 5 years that seemed to really listen to me and my concerns. I felt he actually cared about finding out what is wrong and wanting to get me feeling better and have to have a better quality of life.Thank You Dr Z

I have seen verious doctors over the 38 year's and Dr Zoroufy is by far the best doctor I've had to help me with my narcolepsy.

I was happy with the care demonstrated by the care provider. I would certainly be happy to be treated by him again.

easiest to understand doctor I ever visited

Great doctor, great experience. He treated me great. He is friendly and considerate and explains things well.

Probably one of the best doctors I have ever been to.

I feel very confident in the care I receive from Dr. Zaroufy, however I am very unhappy with the management of the office and communications from the office with me. I was surprised about not being informed my doctor's office was no longer located in Issaquah (late summer), then later not informed the office had returned to Swedish at Issaquah. I tried for two months to order CPAP supplies, calling my doctor's office at least three times and going back and forth with Pacific NW Medical to see if my prescription had been signed. [...] I want to keep Dr. Zaroufy as my doctor and whatever is happening that makes my patient experience so dramatically different than it was two years ago must change. This isn't the Swedish patient experience I have come to expect.

Dr. Zoroufy is excellent and terrific! Great and competent Dr.
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