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Watch these videos to learn about the dedication to our Mission and Core Values from the people of Providence.

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Ray of Light

“Ray of Light,” the musical foundation of our Providence video, was written and performed by Los Angeles-based commercial singer-songwriter, Christopher Faizi, composer for Mattel's 'Have Fun' advertising campaign.

The theme is inspired by a Baha'i prayer, captures the sense of mission, quest for excellence and ecumenical spirit of our organization and rather providentially found its way into our hands through our good friends at Eyeplay, the Seattle production company responsible for capturing the moving footage of Providence life that accompanies the piece.

Together, music and image gracefully combine to convey the very essence of what makes Providence a vivid demonstration of the values and excellence modern Catholic health care offers. Enjoy.

The Providence Mission

As people of Providence, we reveal God's love for all, especially the poor and vulnerable, through our compassionate service.

For the Good of The Cause

”Teamwork has become so much a part of the fabric of health care. Compassion and justice, serving the community, charity - that's something one doesn't do alone. That's something that's done by a team, and being part of a team."

To Be Human

"For several reasons … hospice is built around a team."
–Providence Everett Hospice Care Team

What We Need to Do

"We're one of the few health systems in the nation that are using this intreventional type of team, and our results have been very good."
–Providence Portland Rapid Response Team

The Power of Providence

"Supply costs within Providence, as in most health care organizations in the country, have been increasing five percent, seven, eight percent annually. We can't pass those cost increases on to our payers."
–Supply Chain Management

"… when our team is negotiating supply contracts, the power of Providence as a whole is much stronger than as individuals. And we're much stronger as a team."
–Pharmacy Resource Council

We Value Excellence

  • Introduction - Operational Excellence
    "Only by committing to excellence in everything we do, can we meet the needs of our mission."
    John Koster, M.D. - President, Providence Health System     
  • Part I
    Excellence is the driving force. It's the leading of the heart, that feeds into everything we do.
  • Part II
    Sister Mary Grodin - Washington
  • Part III
    Kevin Barker - Alaska
  • Part IV
    Tina Clifton - Oregon
  • Part V
    Myron Berdischewky, M.D. - California

Faces of Providence

  • Introduction
    Sister Kay Belcher - "Visitors, family members come into some of our settings. They say, you know, there's something about this place … I can't quite put my finger on it. It's that what we can't put our finger on, that is what the ministry and the mission and the core values are all about."
  • Ministry
    Providence continues the healing ministry of Jesus in the world today.
  • Mission
    With special concern for those who are poor and vulnerable.
  • Meet the Health Needs of People | Part 2 (respect/hospice)
    … with special concern for those who are poor and vulnerable.
  • Loving Service
    Working with others in a spirit of loving service.
  • As The Journey Through Life
    We strive to meet the health needs of people as they journey through life.
  • Special Concern for the Poor & Vulnerable | Part 2
    I believe I can fly
  • Core Values
    Excellence - Stewardship - Respect - Compassion - Justice

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