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Coco Corbett, CNM

Accepting New Patients
Providence Women's Clinic, East Portland
545 Northeast 47th Avenue, Suite 102
Portland, OR 97213
Speaks: French and English

About Coco Corbett

“I love having conversations that matter and enjoy creating a space where people get to be known and feel safe being vulnerable,” says Coco Corbett, CNM. “Being vulnerable is an important part of the human experience but most of us don’t get to have great experiences being that way. I like to create a safe space for people.”

An educator from a young age, Coco has always had an interest in reproductive physiology.

“As a preteen, I loved watching documentaries about how our bodies work. I educated my friends about sexual health,” she shares. “I still love educating people about sexual health. Some of my favorite visits are with teens. We talk about consent, menstrual cycles, anatomy and family planning. I love making conversations about sexual health a normal and safe thing. The first gynecologic visit can be scary and full of unknowns for young folks, and I try to make it fun and empowering.”

When asked how Coco chose midwifery, she reflects on earlier memories.

“Growing up, midwifery was a part of our household conversation too,” she says. “A midwife delivered me and the story of my birth was told very powerfully by my parents. It seemed magically spiritual and transformative for my parents. I wanted to do work where I got to be there for people experiencing things like that.”

Coco has an interest in pelvic floor health and has taken a handful of continuing educational courses on the topic.

“Some of the most interesting pelvic floor visits for me are at the intersection between chronic pelvic pain and trauma (birth, sexual, trauma just from living our lives). We hold a lot in our pelvis – for some people it can turn into heightened sensation and pain, and for others it can look like disassociation and lack of sensation,” she says. “I love spending the time to explain to someone why they might be experiencing what they're experiencing, then being a part of a team -- that can include physicians, physical therapists, counselors and others – to work towards healing.”

An active person, Coco enjoys playing Touch Rugby with the Portland Hunters where she has been part of the team since 2015. She also likes to hike, camp and do macramé. Her parents retired in the area and Coco enjoys spending time with them. Coco lives with her husband and dog, an Irish Doodle named Winston.
School Of Nursing

Oregon Health & Science University

Board Certifications

  • American Midwifery Certification Board, Certified Nurse Midwife
Providence Women's Clinic, East Portland
545 Northeast 47th Avenue, Suite 102
Portland, OR 97213
Providence Women's Clinic, Milwaukie
10330 Southeast 32nd Avenue, Suite 305
Milwaukie, OR 97222
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Providence Portland Medical Center

Touch rugby, hike, camp, macrame, spending time with her family and dog.