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Anna Hiebert, FNP

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About Anna Hiebert

Anna Hiebert, FNP, decided to become a family nurse practitioner after serving on mission trips in South America and Africa and witnessing the profoundly positive impact of quality care. She finds it to be a privilege to be invited into patients’ lives, especially when they are vulnerable. “I love connecting with patients and helping them when care is needed most,” she says. Anna thrives when delivering preventive medicine and helping her patients achieve their wellness goals. “Seeing patients succeed is something I love and take pride in,” she says. Anna endorses a holistic approach to care, believing that “health is more than physical wellness; emotional and spiritual wellness are equally as important.” Anna earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Corban University in Salem, Oregon, and a master’s degree from Western University of Health Sciences College of Graduate Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner program. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Anna enjoys hiking, camping, and backpacking with her husband. They also love traveling together and volunteering with their church.