World-class care instantly delivered to your patients anytime and anywhere.

Providence Telehealth rapidly connects your patients to accessible, responsive, and affordable care when they need it. We specialize in providing virtual clinical support to address workflow demand surges and close clinical talent gaps.

Telehealth 2021 infographic: 172 sites, 8 states, 17 years of experience, 950k virtual visits

Acute Care

Leveraging 16-years of experience to provide safe, high quality, technology-enabled care virtually in your facility.

Ambulatory Care

Providing direct-to-consumer services to ensure patients have immediate, safe access to healthcare providers through live video 7 days a week.

Virtual Home Care

After launching one of the largest, most successful COVID home monitoring programs, we are developing a full suite of home-based services to safely care for patients at home.

Consulting Services

With 100+ local telehealth programs, our seasoned expertise is used to innovate within Providence and elsewhere through consulting services.

Implementing Telehealth Services

Providence Telehealth offers full implementation, training, and support for each of the following services.

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Flip the switch from care scarcity to abundance and deliver the care that is needed, when it is needed, while keeping patients in your community and out of the hospital when possible.

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Leverage advanced technology to deliver safe, high quality care in minutes, not days.

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Move knowledge, not people, to increase access and quality outcomes while lowering costs across the care continuum.

Acute Care Telehealth

Acute Care Telehealth

  • TelePsychiatry: Acute TelePsychiatry embeds our board-certified psychiatrists into your care teams virtually at the bedside within medical surgical floors and the ED to rapidly begin treatment for this vulnerable population.
  • TeleStroke: Integrate our acute TeleStroke board-certified vascular neurologists into your own teams to deliver patient care instantly and locally.
  • TeleHospitalist: Acute TeleHospitalist providers efficiently work with your local team to cover inpatient admissions, consultations, and cross coverage care overnight, improving both patient and organizational outcomes.
  • TeleICU: The acute TeleICU program provides access to board-certified, experienced critical care clinicians, increasing quality and expert support in your ICU.
  • Hospital at Home: Providence Hospital at Home provides patients with certain health conditions the choice to receive hospital-level care at home instead of in the hospital.
Ambulatory Telehealth

Ambulatory Telehealth

  • Behavioral Health Concierge: A confidential, virtual counseling service provided by licensed mental health professionals. Offered free to Providence caregivers and dependents, this service is now available to other organizations.
  • ExpressCare Virtual: Connecting patients to a Providence provider for live video visits using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Physician Virtual Care: Find a Providence physician to meet with virtually and schedule your appointment online.

Virtual Home Care

Telehealth Consulting Services

  • Consulting Services: We leverage our deep expertise to help health systems and organizations optimize their current programs, develop new telehealth services, or get started.
  • Innovation Programs: A partnership with Providence clinical and operational leaders that has launched 100+ innovative telehealth programs serving thousands of patients a day across all care settings. These programs serve as the innovation pipeline for future Telehealth services.


Telehealth News and Resources

Events: How Providence and Mayo Clinic are Evolving their Telehealth Strategies

Learn how two of the nation’s largest health systems are leveraging telehealth and building a new infrastructure of virtual care for the future. Speakers include Telehealth Chief Executive & Chief Medical Technology Officer Todd Czartoski and Bart Demaerschalk, Telemedicine Medical Director from the Mayo Clinic.

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Sherene Schlegel, Telehealth Clinical Operations Executive Director shared her experiences in a webinar discussion featuring stories from the front lines of nursing.
Contacts for Virtual Care and Digital Health.
Providence was recognized by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA) for our commitment to scaling telehealth services throughout the pandemic and providing services to millions of patients.
Sherene Schlegel, Executive Director of Telehealth Clinical Operations spoke at a mHealth Intelligence panel on digital health literacy, in particular, among underserved populations.