Virtual Care and Digital Health

Virtual Care and Digital Health

World-class care instantly delivered to your patients anytime and anywhere.

Providence Virtual Care and Digital Health rapidly connects your patients to accessible, responsive, and affordable care when they need it. We specialize in providing virtual clinical support to address workflow demand surges and close clinical talent gaps.

Telehealth 2021 infographic: 172 sites, 8 states, 17 years of experience, 950k virtual visits

Clinical Services

Leveraging over 19-years of experience to provide safe, high quality, technology-enabled care virtually in your facility.

Program Collaboration

We collaboratively scare and innovate clinical programs within and beyond Providence.

Implementing Virtual Care and Digital Health Services

Providence Virtual Care and Digital Health offers full implementation, training, and support for each of the following services.

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Flip the switch from care scarcity to abundance and deliver the care that is needed, when it is needed, while keeping patients in your community and out of the hospital when possible.

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Leverage advanced technology to deliver safe, high quality care in minutes, not days.

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Move knowledge, not people, to increase access and quality outcomes while lowering costs across the care continuum.

Acute Care Telehealth

Clinical Services

  • TeleStroke: Integrate our acute TeleStroke board-certified vascular neurologists into your own teams to deliver patient care instantly and locally.
  • Emergent TeleNeurology: The Emergent TeleNeurology program provides access to board-certified, experienced critical care clinicians, increasing quality and expert support in your ICU.
  • TeleNeuroHospitalist: The TeleNeuroHospitalist program provides access to board-certified, experienced critical care clinicians, increasing quality and expert support in your ICU.
  • TeleEEG: The TeleEEG program efficiently utilizes current technologies to address the complexities of seizure care..
  • TeleHospitalist: Acute TeleHospitalist providers efficiently work with your local team to cover inpatient admissions, consultations, and cross coverage care overnight, improving both patient and organizational outcomes.
  • TeleICU: The acute TeleICU program provides access to board-certified, experienced critical care clinicians, increasing quality and expert support in your ICU.
  • TelePsychiatry: Acute TelePsychiatry embeds our board-certified psychiatrists into your care teams virtually at the bedside within medical surgical floors and the ED to rapidly begin treatment for this vulnerable population.

Program Collaboration

  • Hospital at Home: Providence Hospital at Home provides patients with certain health conditions the choice to receive hospital-level care at home instead of in the hospital.
  • Innovation Programs: A partnership with Providence clinical and operational leaders that has launched 100+ innovative telehealth programs serving thousands of patients a day across all care settings. These programs serve as the innovation pipeline for future Telehealth services.
  • MedPearl: MedPearl supports clinicians with specialty referral pathways to improve patient access and leakage.


We had a patient who started to decline early into our shift. We brought one of the TeleHospitalists to the bedside via the technology and he did an assessment of the patient....

– Nurse Coordinator, Partner Site

Tonight we had a Code Blue event in the ICU which was managed by the remote intensivist in the Tele-ICU. The Tele-ICU system worked perfectly and overall the code went very smooth.

- HUC, TeleICU Partner Site

There have been a number of studies that show patients are as satisfied, or more, with teleservices when compared to in-person more

– Stacia Fisher, Director, Behavioral Health

Virtual Care and Digital Health News and Resources

Dr. Eve Cunningham joins Dr. Zeev Neuwirth in a conversation that covers: the role of Digital Health in the current and immediate future of healthcare.
MedPearl is a clinician education and referral platform that is built into its EHR. The program gives primary care providers advice on whether, and where, to send patients for specialty care.
Virtual Care and Digital Health's Chief, Dr. Eve Cunningham has been recognized in Becker's Hospital Review as on of the up-and-comers in the health IT and revenue cycle field.
Providence rolled out three AI capabilities built in-house to address administrative burdens including a platform for physician education and referrals called MedPearl.