Real-time admissions, consultations, and coverage.

With immediate access to experienced care providers, Providence TeleHospitalists can expedite the time from diagnosis to treatment. Services include the initial patient exam, electronic medical record reporting, and virtual rounds to monitor the patient.

More than 60% of ED patients are seen between 7:00 pm and midnight. This makes nighttime coverage crucial to patient outcomes, star ratings, and financial performance. The Providence TeleHospitalist program is an efficient way to manage resources and maintain local patient-needed care at all hours. TeleHospitalist coverage balances workload, provides at-the-ready support for RN teams while alleviating provider burnout and achieves a staffing supply/demand equilibrium.

  • Increase support and seamless coverage for fluctuating volume.
  • Support timely interventions.
  • Increase timeliness of care and reduce unnecessary transfers.
  • Fractional FTE to match staffing to demand.
  • Improve first day of service revenue capture.
  • High provider and patient satisfaction with service.
  • Support work-life balance and retention.

Proven Outcomes

Providence partners have experienced:

  • +40% increases in Average Daily Census
  • +50% decreases in transfers
  • Increased revenues
  • Greater adherence to evidence-based protocols
  • Less staff burn-out & stress
  • More patient and staff satisfaction


We had a patient who started to decline early into our shift. We brought one of the TeleHospitalists to the bedside via the technology and he did an more

– Nurse Coordinator, Partner Site

We can handle a lot more now. Previously, you’d have a patient with bad lungs, horrible pneumonia, and they get intubated so I’m shipping them within more

– Client site M.D.

When you wake up an on-call doctor in the middle of the night you may get some backlash. But the [tele]hospitalists are great. You know they are there and awake.

– Client site MSN, NP

I remember the first night. There was a post-op surgery case. This guy was really sick. So I ran over to the med/surg. floor. The TeleHospitalist provider who was on did all the more

– MD, TeleHospitalist Partner Site

“I had a patient and family member that was NOT impressed when I rolled the telehospitalist cart into the room, they had a lot of questions about it and were about to refuse but then decided to just do it and 'get things done'..." read more

– Client Site Supervisor

“[The TeleHospitalist Provider] is always really patient and takes time to listen to his patients and they always tell me at the end how nice he is and that he puts them at ease."

– Client Site Supervisor

The TeleHospitalist program is great! I mean before, it was just stupid for me to come in to do an H&P just to make it quicker and easier for the daytime Hospitalist.

– MD, TeleHospitalist Partner Site

“Prompt, comprehensive response to patient's status and needs."

– Client RN

“An ICU patient was admitted from the ED by a TeleHospitalist. The TeleHospitalist communicated with the patient in a supportive, direct, and non-judgmental way...." read more

– Providence Milwaukie Caregiver