Efficiently utilizes current technologies to address the complexities of seizure care

Approximately 3 million people in the United States suffer from seizures and epilepsy. The national shortage of neurologists, including the subspeciality of epileptology, leads to long wait times for patients to get appropriate care or transferred to other facilities.

Addressing STAT, routine, and long-term monitoring reads for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. Live, remote monitoring and reading services. Epileptologists supports onsite teams to diagnose and develop an appropriate plan of care in a timely manner. Patients can stay local, or care teams can coordinate a transfer to a higher level of care.

Proven Outcomes

  • Increase timeliness of care, addressing the national shortage of neurologists.
  • Provider team is skilled in EEG interpretation of all patient types: adult, pediatric and neonatal.
  • Enables earlier treatment decisions and better outcomes.
  • Increase satisfaction of ordering providers and better care for patients.
  • Days faster EEG interpretation and treatment recommendations.
  • Pay per read pricing enables small and large sites cost savings: 38% reduction in cost vs. competitors.
  • Increased revenue by decreasing unnecessary transfers.