Adopting a telehealth program enables health care providers to increase continuity of care, extend access beyond normal hours, reduce patient travel burden, and help overcome clinician shortages, especially in rural and other underserved populations.

Ensure your organization is prepared and ready to deliver telehealth services by working directly with Providence’s Telehealth team. We can provide guidance around program development, provider credentialing, equipment installations, initial system assessments, staff training, and more.

Project Kick-off

After a contract has been signed, an implementation plan will be presented and mutually agreeable go-live deliverables will be determined. Providence Telehealth will then customize a process for communications and end-to-end project management.


Our team will host a kick-off meeting to discuss the delivery of your telehealth program in addition to conducting a technical site survey and a clinical workflow analysis.


Providence Telehealth will ship necessary equipment, assist with deployment of technology, and will provide training and mock drills to ensure your team is ready to launch.

Go Live

Providence Telehealth will review the new site to ensure all milestones have been met and all stakeholders are ready for launch.

Post-Launch Monitoring


After services have been implemented, Providence Telehealth will monitor the system and conduct visit/encounter tracking and measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Standard System Support


Once live, your team will have access to our Digital Access Center (DAC) to help resolve any technical issues 24/7.


We’re here to support you in each stage of implementation. Timeline and processes are customized to help ensure a successful Telehealth program.

  • Project management: After defining what success looks like for your organization, we help manage the scope, strategy, and service delivery of your telehealth program end-to-end.

  • Licensing and credentialing: We work directly with your Medical Staff Office to facilitate all licensing and credentialing applications and renewals. This includes verifying the provider's license, education, insurance, and other information to ensure they meet the standards of practice required by the hospital or healthcare facility. Virtually all states require physicians providing telehealth services to be licensed in the state of the patient receiving care. Further, every site delivering telehealth services must fully credential the physician.

  • Complete Clinical Support: A Clinical Program Manager (CPM) will partner with you to ensure proper clinical protocols are in place, including assistance with clinical workflow design and integration, EMR processes, clinical staff training, mock drills, and the creation of a Provider handbook.

  • Field Engineering and Digital Access Center: This includes comprehensive testing to ensure power connections and networks are stable and ready. Additionally, the Digital Access Center works with your team to monitor the system status and resolve any issues with technology.