Your Personalized Healthcare Dashboard

My Account is a free service for online access to your health record. When you log in, you can view test results, check-in for appointments, book new appointments, send messages to your care team, and much more.

My Account Key Features

Review Your Medical History
  • Receive most test results online – no waiting for a phone call or letter.
  • View medications, immunizations, allergies, and messages.
Stay In Touch With Your Care Team
  • Communicate with your care team via secure messaging.
  • Request prescription refills.
Manage Appointments
  • Schedule your next primary care appointment online.
  • Review details and instructions and check-in for upcoming appointments.
  • Read after-visit notes and care instructions from your provider.
Easy Access To MyChart
  • Navigate to any part of your MyChart account without having to log-in a second time.

Don't Have An Account?

When you sign up, you can access your own health record and your family's for free from any mobile device or computer.