Clinical Institutes

Providence is developing an institute model for specialty care across the seven states we serve, a virtual network that links all of our care locations, solving gaps in continuity of care for our patients and creating a seamless experience for them and their families. Clinicians have timely access to best-practice findings, data and reports. Patients have quality, compassionate care closer to home with predictable costs and outcomes.

Key features of our institute model, include:

  • Patient navigation to ease their way
  • Concentration of multidisciplinary clinical expertise
  • Accelerated research and innovation benefiting patients and providers
  • A data repository for genomics that Providence is designing
  • Clinical experts from seven states defining quality measures within disease types
  • Delivery system organized around key treatment locations with best outcomes
  • A network that ensures patients have the right care at the right time in the right place
  • Focus on care close to home supported by digital technology

The goal is to unify relevant services, resources and expertise under these six clinical umbrellas: