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Lars Anker, MD

Accepting New Patients
Lars Anker, MD
1310 West Stewart Drive, Suite 212
Orange, CA 92868
Speaks: German

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About Lars Anker

Dr. Lars Anker has been practicing Neurological Surgery for the last 17 years. He went to medical school at Hamburg University Medical School in Hamburg, Germany. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Southern California. His residency took place at the University of Minnesota. He is the program director for the neuro-oncology program at St. Joseph Hospital since 2011. His interests include gliomas, pituitary tumors, hydrocephalus and complex spine surgery. He is a compassionate neurosurgeon who enjoys spending time with his patients and their families and answers all their questions in detail.
Medical School

University of Hamburg


University Of Minnesota Medical School


University Of Minnesota Medical School
Neurological Surgery

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Neurological Surgery, Neurological Surgery
Lars Anker, MD
1310 West Stewart Drive, Suite 212
Orange, CA 92868
Affiliated Locations

Neuro-Oncology Program
St. Jude Medical Center