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Providence Heart Clinic - Heart Rhythm - St. Vincent

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Providence Heart Clinic - Heart Rhythm - St. Vincent

Providence Heart Clinic - Heart Rhythm - St. Vincent is made up of two teams of cardiac specialists, Heart Rhythm Consultants and Cardiology, which offers a comprehensive range of both invasive and non-invasive cardiac procedures. Our office is located on the campus of Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland.

Your heart rhythm care team is led by your cardiologist and may include a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, medical assistant and other support staff. Our cardiologists specialize in the evaluation and management of heart rhythm disorders and our nursing staff provides Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator follow-up at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, with outreach ICD clinics in Newberg and Astoria.

The cardiology care team provides a full range of heart-related medical care and procedures and the heart rhythm team focuses on evaluating and treating abnormal heart rhythms. Whatever your needs are, we’re here to help.

Your cardiologist is a medical doctor specializing in cardiovascular care and will manage and oversee your cardiac care. During your initial consultation visit, your cardiologist will address the specific cardiovascular issues raised in the referral from your primary care doctor (or other referring doctor). The cardiologist will discuss your diagnosis, order, perform and interpret the cardiac testing results and share your treatment plan with you and your primary care (or referring) provider. Your cardiologist and primary care provider will communicate regularly with each other, with you, your family and caregivers. Your care team will let you know if and when you no longer need to see your cardiologist.

Cardiology physician assistants (PA) and nurse practitioners (NP) are providers with master’s degrees who work under your cardiologist’s supervision. Your PA and NP can take your medical history, conduct physical exams, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, develop a treatment plan, counsel you on preventive care, assist in procedures and surgeries and write prescriptions.  

The registered nurse on your care team works under the cardiologist’s supervision and answers your clinical phone calls, communicates with the cardiologist, PA, or NP about your care and supports them in the office in helping to manage your care. The medical assistant also works under the cardiologist’s supervision and can take your vitals, bring you to the exam room and document information.