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Medicaid is the largest health coverage program in the United States and is designed to support the health needs of nearly all people with low incomes.
90 percent of Americans think Medicaid is important to our health care system and the benefits reach far and wide. That is, once they understand it.
Working people with Medicaid coverage
Americans overwhelmingly support Medicaid, according to a national study by Providence St. Joseph Health. The new study provides valuable insights as lawmakers consider the future of Medicaid.
It’s hard to put a price on your eyesight, but to Robin, 67, it’s the best gift she’s ever received. Thanks to Medicaid, she was able to get cataract surgery on both eyes and was no longer at risk...
David has a lot to live for. At age 69, he has six adult children, 20 grandkids and 11 great-grandkids. He also has his beloved martial arts that he began practicing in his 20s and still continues...
For 18 years, Julie loved working as a residency coordinator in the orthopedics department in Syracuse, New York. Then nerve damage derailed her. Learn more.
There’s not much Jackie wouldn’t do for her mom Irene. When Irene’s chronic illnesses became worse and she couldn’t afford the growing medical bills. Learn more.
Chauntal Lewis was driving away from a friend’s house one morning when a semi-truck slammed into her car. She lost her left hand, but found a way to cope. Learn more.
Margot is all about doing for others. Before she became ill, she volunteered at a local food bank, cooked Thanksgiving meals for seniors in need and helped at her church...
Greg (17) nearly drowned while swimming and ended up with brain damage. Learn how he overcame his medical condition.
Medicaid’s role in the opioid epidemic
Becky is grateful every day that Medicaid helps ensure her son, Sawyer, enjoys his best, safest life without undue financial stress on the family.
Medicaid helped Drew get back on his feet
Ryan and Rochelle's baby boy got a great start in life, thanks to Medicaid coverage.
Kate, a 43-year-old mother of two, is grateful for Medicaid coverage during a difficult time in her life
After an accident 20 years ago, Nancy says Medicaid has been a lifesaver.
Jennifer is thankful for the Medicaid coverage that helped them recover from a family tragedy