Sisters of Providence, Mother Joseph Province: Photograph Collection Finding Aid

  • Archives

    Facilities - Seattle, Wash.
    (FILE F10)

    Date: 2004

    Facilities - Spokane, Wash.
    (FILE F1)

    Dates: 2003; 2005

    Emilie Gamelin Exhibit (Spokane, Wash.), 2001
    (FILE F2)

    Flood, 2003
    (FILE F9)

    Flooding in the Archives collections storage areas due to drain back-up. Munters was hired for mitigation.

    Jubilee Exhibit, 2008
    (FILE F8)

    Exhibit of documents and artifacts from past Jubilee celebrations was put in the case in the Archives reading room.

    Mission Week Exhibit, 2002
    (FILE F7)

    "Stations" at Providence Mount St. Vincent and St. Joseph Residence were set up for contemplation of the Providence Core Values, some using material from the Archives.

    Mother Joseph Exhibit & Graveside Ceremony (Vancouver, Wash.)
    (FILE F3)

    Dates: 2002

    Exhibit and ceremony commemorated the centennial of Mother Joseph's death (January 19, 1902). Exhibit was installed at the Clarke County Historical Society.

    Mother Joseph Exhibit (Murray Business Center, Portland, Ore.)
    (FILE F4)

    Dates: 2002

    Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center Vault, 2002
    (FILE F12)

    Historic records in the administrative office vault were transferred to Providence Archives.

    Sesquicentennial Commemoration, December 8, 2006
    (FILE F11)

    On December 8, 2006, Archives staff Loretta Greene, Peter Schmid and Norman Dizon, along with Provincial Librarian Sr. Joan Gallagher, gathered at 3:00 p.m. to commemorate the day and hour of the five foundresses' arrival at Vancouver, Wash. they enjoyed spiced cider and torte.

    (FILE F5)

    Dates: 2003; 2008

    Traditional Habit Preparation & Dressing Project, 2008
    (FILE F13)

    In 2008 Providence Archives recorded Sr. Barbara Schiller, SP ironing the traditional habit of the Sisters of Providence, and helping Providence Archives staff member Emily Hughes Dominick to don the habit in the proper manner. Sr. Felma Cerezo, SP also videotaped the entire process.

    Transfer of Records from Former St. Ignatius Province Archives in Spokane, Wash. to Mother Joseph Province Archives in Seattle, Wash.
    (FILE F6)

    Dates: 2003

  • Chapter

    (FILE C1)

  • Committees

    Transition Committee, 1999
    (FILE L1)

    Committee made up of members from both the fomer Sacred Heart and St. Ignatius Provinces, tasked with managing the transition into the new Mother Joseph Province.

  • Council

    (FILE B1)

    Discernment Weekend, 2009
    (FILE B2)

  • Jubilee

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    (FILE K2)

    (FILE K3)

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    (FILE K5)

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    (FILE K8)

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    (FILE K10)

  • Library

    Facilities - Seattle, Wash.
    (FILE I1)

    Dates: 2008

    Library Time
    (FILE I2)

    Dates: 2007

  • Local Communities

    Providence Peace Community
    (FILE E1)

    Dates: 2007

  • Providence Associates

    (FILE H1)

    Dates: 2011

  • Sister Residences & Vacation Houses

    Casa Emilie, Yakima, Washington
    (FILE A1)

    Dates: 2001

  • Subjects

    Anniversary of Death of Emilie Gamelin
    (FILE G6)

    Dates: 2009

    Bi-Council Transition Team Dinner, c. 1999
    (FILE G4)

    General Council Visitation, 2004
    (FILE G1)

    Haitian Earthquake, 2010
    (FILE G5)

    Mother Joseph Award, 2002
    (FILE G9)

    Mother Joseph Statue Awards, 2010
    (FILE G7)

    Sesquicentennial Closing, 2006
    (FILE G2)

    Sesquicentennial Heritage Tour, 2006
    (FILE G3)

    St. Ignatius Cemetery
    (FILE G11)

    Dates: 2010-2011

    Includes images of cross restoration and re-dedication with new headstones for the pioneer sisters.

    Stained Glass Window at St. Joseph Parish, Yakima, 2005
    (FILE G10)

    Stained glass window depicting Blessed Emilie Gamelin and Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart.

    Walk of the Heroines, 2009
    (FILE G8)

  • Vocation Office

    Transfer Workshop, 2006
    (FILE J2)

    Vocation Dinner at Caritas Court, 2003
    (FILE J1)