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Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart
Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart (Esther Pariseau) launched the work of the Sisters of Providence in the American West. This section includes an index to the 1957 biography, "The Bell and the River."

Foundresses in the West
Besides Mother Joseph, four other sisters founded the religious community in the Pacific Northwest.

Foundation Documents
Translations of early documents include letters written from Montreal prior to the sisters' departure, the Journal written by the sisters immediately after their arrival in the Northwest, and exerpts from an account by Father Louis Rossi.

History Timelines
Significant events in the history of the Sisters of Providence, Mother Joseph Province. Includes "Journey to a Mission," a full narrative account of the 1856 journey from Montreal to Vancouver, Washington.

Mother Joseph Province
In carrying out the sisters’ mission of serving those in need, the administration of the religious community has changed through the years, its jurisdictions having shifted to present-day boundaries.

Publications on the History of Providence Ministries in Health Care and Education
Essays and monographs on individual ministries.

Public Memorials to Sisters of Providence
A listing of statues, plaques, and other memorials recognizing the sisters of Mother Joseph Province in public spaces.

Blessed Émilie Gamelin
Foundress of the worldwide Sisters of Providence religious community (Montreal-based), whose life was dedicated to serving Christ and the most vulnerable.

Traditional French-Canadian Recipes
A selection of recipes that Mother Joseph and the sisters may have brought from home to the Pacific Northwest.

Fun Page
A quiz and word search.

Sisters of Providence Glossary of Terms
Includes terms specific to the Sisters of Providence, as well as some used by religious communities and the Catholic Church in general.