Letters and Journal of The Five Foundresses, 1856

These documents were translated into English from the original French by volunteer Heather Trescases, completed July 7, 2005. Generally, this is a literal translation without interpretation, and not written as we might express the thoughts today.

Translator's style sheet

Bold used for titles and headings

Italics used for questionable translation (spelling, meaning, etc.).

[Square brackets] used for translator insert (not necessarily the direct translation of the text, a clearer translation, an explanation, a notation). Brackets were also used to denote the page number of the original document.

The following abbreviations that were used in the original documents were interpreted as noted in the translation:

M. = Mary or Monsieur (usually Mary)
Mr. = Monsieur
Mgr. = Monseigneur
Me. = Marie (in French) or Mary (Anglicized)
Sr./S. = Sister
St. = Saint
Sauvage = Indian
Indian = Indian