Sisters of Providence, Sacred Heart Province: Photograph Collection Finding Aid

  • Series A: Sister Residences & Vacation Houses

    Caritas Court (4415 SW Ore. St., Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE A1)

    Dates: 1989; n.d.

    Includes construction and interiors.

    903 14th Ave. (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE A2)

    Dates: n.d.

    2009 12th Ave. E. (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE A3)

    Dates: n.d.

    2130 E. Hamlin St. (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE A4)

    Dates: n.d.

    3102 33rd Ave. S. (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE A5)

    Dates: n.d.

    4857 38th Ave. SW (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE A6)

    Dates: 1995; n.d.

    5249 16th Ave. (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE A7)

    Dates: n.d.

    Vacation House: Hood Canal (Wash.)
    (FILE A8)

    Dates: 1989

    Vacation Houses: Seaside, Ore.
    (FILE A9)

    Dates: 1994-95

  • Series B: Provincial Councils

    Provincial Councils, 1913-1919
    (FILE B1)

    Provincial Councils, 1925-1931
    (FILE B2)

    Provincial Councils, 1952-1958
    (FILE B3)

    Provincial Councils, 1964-1970
    (FILE B4)

    Provincial Councils, 1970-1973
    (FILE B5)

    Provincial Councils, 1973-1979
    (FILE B6)

    Provincial Councils, 1979-1985
    (FILE B7)

    Provincial Councils, 1985-1991
    (FILE B8)

    Provincial Councils, 1991-1995
    (FILE B9)

    File includes farewell to the outgoing Council in 1996.

    Provincial Councils, 1996-1999
    (FILE B10)

    Former Provincial Superiors
    (FILE B11)

  • Series C: Meetings

    Discernment Meetings
    (FILE C3)

    Dates: 1995

    Infirmary Meeting, n.d.
    (FILE C4)

    Joint Council Meetings
    (FILE C2)

    Dates: 1988; n.d.

    Provincial Council Meetings
    (FILE C1)

    Dates: 1968; 1996

    Includes 1968 meeting with hospital administrators.

  • Series D: Boards & Committees

    Education Board
    (FILE D2)

    Dates: n.d.

    Process Committee for the Election of Superior and Council
    (FILE D1)

    Dates: 1995

    Retirement Committee
    (FILE D3)

    Dates: n.d.

  • Series E: Inter-Community Conferences, Institutes & Workshops

    Archdiocesan Women Religious
    (FILE E1)

    Date: n.d.

    Women religious met in small groups and with Raymond Hunthausen, Archbishop of Seattle, at Holy Names Academy in Seattle, 1970s.

    Catholic Kindergarten Association
    (FILE E2)

    Dates: 1949

    Armistice Day workshop.

    Conference of Major Superiors of Women (CMSW)
    (FILE E3)

    Dates: n.d.

    (FILE E4)

    Dates: 1977

    The 1977-78 Credo Group at Gonzaga University, Spokane.

    (FILE E5)

    Dates: 1965

    Fred Waring Choral Workshop
    (FILE E6)

    Dates: 1951

    Gregorian Institute
    (FILE E7)

    Dates: 1945-1949

    Institute for Superiors
    (FILE E8)

    Dates: n.d.

    Institute of Spirituality
    (FILE E9)

    Dates: 1960; 1962; 1965; 1967

    Held at the University of Portland, Portland, Ore.

    Kappa Tau Gamma Workshop
    (FILE E14)

    Date: 1950

    Held at St. Viator School, Chicago.

    Major Superiors Workshop
    (FILE E10)

    Dates: 1962

    Held at Loretto Heights College, Denver, Colo. for superiors west of the Mississippi.

    National Liturgical Week
    (FILE E11)

    Dates: 1948

    Retreat for Superiors
    (FILE E12)

    Dates: 1962

    Summer in Suburbia
    (FILE E13)

    Dates: 1968

  • Series F: Intra-Community Conferences, Institutes & Workshops

    Art Workshops
    (FILE F1)

    Dates: 1959; n.d.

    Educators Meetings
    (FILE F2)

    Dates: 1960; 1971

    Providence Experience
    (FILE F3)

    Dates: 1998

    Regional Conference
    (FILE F4)

    Dates: 1988

    Conference of General Council with Provincial superiors and councils of the western provinces.

    Superiors Conference
    (FILE F5)

    Dates: 1964

    Yoga Retreat
    (FILE F6)

    Dates: 1972

  • Series G: Legislative Assembly / Chapter

    (FILE G1)

    (FILE G2)

    (FILE G3)

    (FILE G4)

    (FILE G5)

    (FILE G6)

    (FILE G7)

    (FILE G8)

    (FILE G9)

  • Series H: Community Meetings

    (FILE H1)

    (FILE H2)

    (FILE H3)

    (FILE H4)

    (FILE H9)

    (FILE H10)

    (FILE H5)

    (FILE H8)

    (FILE H6)

    (FILE H7)

  • Series I: Local Communities

    (FILE I1)

    Dates: 1986

    (FILE I2)

    Dates: n.d.

    (FILE I3)

    Dates: 1995; n.d.

    (FILE I4)

    Dates: n.d.

    Peace Community
    (FILE I5)


    Portland Region
    (FILE I6)

    Dates: n.d.

    Providence Hall
    (FILE I7)

    Dates: 1992

    St. Anne
    (FILE I8)

    Dates: n.d.

    Yakima Region
    (FILE I9)

    Dates: 1986; 1993-96; n.d.

    Includes work on a Habitat for Humanity project.

  • Series J: Education Ministries

    Blanchet High School (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE J1)

    Dates: 1958; 1963; 1965; n.d.

    Cathedral School (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE J2)

    Dates: 1926; n.d.

    Marquette School (Yakima, Wash.)
    (FILE J3)

    Dates: 1933-34

    St. Martin de Porres Nursery (Portland, Ore.)
    (FILE J4)

    Dates: 1950; n.d.

  • Series K: Parish Ministries

    Holy Rosary Parish (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE K1)

    Dates: 1975; 1985; 1988; 1990; n.d.

    St. Monica Parish (Coos Bay, Ore.)
    (FILE K2)

    Dates: 1966; 1968-71; 1974; 1984; n.d.

  • Series L: Other Ministries & Projects

    Casa Hogar (Yakima, Wash.)
    (FILE L1)

    Dates: 1997

    Evergreen Vista (Everett, Wash.)
    (FILE L4)

    Dates: 1993

    Intercommunity housing project.

    Family Tree (Olympia, Wash.)
    (FILE L5)

    Dates: 1993

    Intercommunity housing project.

    Migrant Worker Camp (McMinnville, Ore.)
    (FILE L2)

    Dates: 1968

    Prison Ministry
    (FILE L6)

    Dates: 1983; n.d.

    WomanSpirit Center (Bellevue, Wash.)
    (FILE L3)

    Dates: n.d.

  • Series M: Religious Vacation Schools

    Alaska - Anchorage (Elmendorf AFB)
    (FILE M1)

    Dates: 1952-53

    Alaska - Anchorage (Holy Family Parish)
    (FILE M3)

    Dates: 1957; 1961

    Alaska - Copper Valley
    (FILE M2)

    Dates: 1957; n.d.

    Alaska - Fairbanks (Eielson AFB)
    (FILE M4)

    Dates: 1945; 1952-55; 1957

    Alaska - Homer
    (FILE M5)

    Dates: 1957

    Alaska - Kotzebue
    (FILE M6)

    Dates: 1960-62; 1969; n.d.

    Alaska - Nome & King Island
    (FILE M7)

    Dates: 1952-57; 1969; n.d.

    Alaska - Seward
    (FILE M8)

    Dates: 1949; 1953-55; 1957; 1959

    California - Burbank
    (FILE M9)

    Dates: 1951

    Washington - Arlington
    (FILE M35)

    Dates: 1938-39; 1941

    Washington - Battle Ground
    (FILE M10)

    Dates: 1940; 1945-46

    Washington - Black Diamond
    (FILE M11)

    Dates: 1944

    Washington - Camas
    (FILE M12)

    Dates: 1935; 1940; 1944-46; 1948; 1960-61

    Washington - Des Moines
    (FILE M13)

    Dates: 1951

    Washington - Enumclaw
    (FILE M14)

    Dates: 1942; 1944-45

    Washington - Goldendale
    (FILE M15)

    Dates: 1930

    Washington - Longview
    (FILE M16)

    Dates: 1939; 1941

    Washington - McKenna
    (FILE M17)

    Dates: 1948

    Washington - Moxee
    (FILE M18)

    Dates: 1951

    Washington - Port Townsend
    (FILE M19)

    Dates: 1936; 1941-43; 1947; n.d.

    Washington - Prescott
    (FILE M20)

    Dates: 1940

    Washington - Prosser
    (FILE M21)

    Dates: 1934

    Washington - Roslyn
    (FILE M22)

    Dates: 1949

    Washington - Seattle (Holy Family Parish)
    (FILE M23)

    Dates: 1958

    Washington - Seattle (St. Catherine Parish)
    (FILE M24)

    Dates: 1954; 1967

    Washington - Seaview
    (FILE M25)

    Dates: 1940

    Washington - Skykomish
    (FILE M26)

    Dates: 1956

    Washington - Snoqualmie
    (FILE M27)

    Dates: 1949

    Washington - Stevenson
    (FILE M28)

    Dates: 1950

    Washington - Tenino
    (FILE M29)

    Dates: 1942; 1953

    Washington - Toppenish
    (FILE M30)

    Dates: 1934; 1940

    Washington - Vancouver
    (FILE M31)

    Dates: 1948; 1950

    Washington - Waitsburg
    (FILE M32)

    Dates: 1953

    Washington - Walla Walla
    (FILE M33)

    Dates: 1940; 1943

    Washington - Wapato
    (FILE M34)

    Dates: 1945; 1947; 1968

    Washington - White Swan
    (FILE M36)

    Dates: 1951

    Washington - Yakima
    (FILE M37)

    Dates: 1940-42; 1947

  • Series N: Subjects

    AIDS Ministry
    (FILE N21)

    (FILE N1)

    Dates: 1974-75; n.d.

    Birthday Celebration for Sr. Madeleine LeBlanc, SP (Superior General)
    (FILE N17)

    Dates: n.d.

    Cemetery: Calvary (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE N2)

    Dates: 1941; 1978; 1996; n.d.

    Cemetery: Mother Joseph Catholic Cemetery (Vancouver, Wash., formerly St. James Acres)
    (FILE N3)

    Dates: 1965

    (FILE N4)

    Dates: 1987

    Crossing the Mountains
    (FILE N5)

    Dates: 1995

    Tour of St. Ignatius Province.

    General Council Visitations
    (FILE N6)

    Dates: 1985; 1990; n.d.

    1985 file includes visit to Vincent House, Seattle.

    Lenny Wilkins
    (FILE N7)

    Dates: 1979; 1989

    Missioning of the Sisters of Providence
    (FILE N20)

    Date: 1991

    Mother Gamelin Pilgrimage
    (FILE N18)

    Dates: 1978

    125th Anniversary in the West
    (FILE N8)

    Dates: 1981

    150th Anniversary of the Institute
    (FILE N9)

    Dates: 1993

    Pariseau Association
    (FILE N10)

    Dates: 1979

    Party for Former Sisters of Providence
    (FILE N14)

    Dates: 1979

    Presentation of New Constitutions
    (FILE N11)

    Dates: 1986

    Proposed Novitiate (Philippines)
    (FILE N19)

    Dates: 1987

    Proposed Retirement Home (Mercer Island, Wash.)
    (FILE N12)

    Dates: n.d.

    Retirement Meeting
    (FILE N15)

    Dates: 1968

    St. Martin Medal
    (FILE N13)

    Dates: 1982

    Unidentified Hospital Scenes
    (FILE N16)

    Dates: n.d.

  • Series O: Providence Archives

    Facilities: Seattle, Wash.
    (FILE O1)

    Dates: 1985; 1989

    Facilities: Seattle, Wash. (P-2 storage room)
    (FILE O2)

    Dates: 1985; 1987

    Personnel: Sr. Rita Bergamini (Archivist, 1972-1992)
    (FILE O4)

    Dates: 1972-73; 1975; 1978-81; 1987-88; 1995

    Personnel: Sr. Rita Bergamini & Loretta Greene (Asst. Archivist, 1984-1992)
    (FILE O5)

    Dates: 1982-84; 1986-89; 1991

    Personnel: Loretta Greene (Asst. Archivist, 1984-1992; Archivist, 1992-)
    (FILE O6)

    Dates: 1987; 1989-90; 1993; 1995; 1999

    Personnel: Loretta Greene & Margaret Gardner (Asst. Archivist, 1992-1996)
    (FILE O7)

    Dates: 1993; n.d.

    Personnel: Loretta Greene & Terri Mitchell (Asst. Archivist, 1996-2002)
    (FILE O8)

    Dates: 1995; 1999

    Personnel: Researchers
    (FILE O9)

    Dates: 1978; 1987-88

    Personnel: Volunteers
    (FILE O10)

    Dates: 1973; 1978; 1983; 1997-98

    Archivists for Congregations of Women Religious (ACWR) Meeting (Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE O11)

    Dates: 1990

    This was the foundation meeting of the organization.

    (FILE O12)

    Dates: 1967; 1975; 1978; 1980; 1982; 1984; 1987-89; 1995; 1997; n.d

    Archdiocese of Portland (Ore.) Sesquicentennial Exhibit
    (FILE O13)

    Dates: 1996

    Archdiocese of Seattle (Wash.) Sesquicentennial Exhibit (University of Portland, Portland, Ore.)
    (FILE O14)

    Dates: 2000

    Chronicles Meeting Exhibit
    (FILE O15)

    Dates: 1988

    Community Meeting Exhibit
    (FILE O16)

    Dates: 1986

    (FILE O18)

    Dates: 1986

    Exhibit Cases
    (FILE O19)

    Dates: n.d.

    Exhibits (General)
    (FILE O38)

    General Conference Exhibit
    (FILE O20)

    Dates: 1988

    150th Anniversary of the Institute Exhibit
    (FILE O23)

    Dates: 1993

    Photograph Collection
    (FILE O24)

    Dates: 1982

    Providence Everett Medical Center (Everett, Wash.) Exhibit
    (FILE O25)

    Dates: 1999

    Provincial Chapter Exhibit, 1993
    (FILE O26)

    Provincial Chapter Exhibit, 1999
    (FILE O27)

    (FILE O28)

    Dates: 1995

    Renovation Open-House
    (FILE O29)

    Dates: 1996

    System Office Exhibit (520 Pike Street, Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE O30)

    Dates: 1994-95

    (FILE O31)

    Dates: 1990

    T-Shirt Exhibit
    (FILE O33)

    Dates: 1998

    (FILE O34)

    Dates: 1987; 1991

    Washington Catholic 1897 Edition
    (FILE O37)

    Dates: 1972

    Copy of the original in Archives was presented by the sisters to the Catholic Northwest Progress (formerly Wash. Catholic) on the occasion of the paper's 75th anniversary.

    Washington State Centennial Presentation (St. Joseph Residence)
    (FILE O35)

    Dates: 1989

    Washington State Centennial: Women Religious of the Archdiocese of Seattle Exhibit
    (FILE O36)

    Dates: 1989

  • Series P: Providence Associates

    Advisory Board
    (FILE P1)

    Dates: n.d.

    Benita Martocchio
    (FILE P2)

    Dates: n.d.

    Netta Wilson
    (FILE P3)

    Dates: 1977; 1982; n.d.

    Burbank (Calif.) Region
    (FILE P4)

    Dates: 1988; 1990; 1992; n.d.

    Photograph Album
    (FILE P9)

    Dates: 1986-1991

    Portland (Ore.) Region
    (FILE P5)

    Dates: 1993; 1996; 1998-99

    Seattle (Wash.) Region
    (FILE P6)

    Dates: 1987; 1990; 1993; 1996; 1999; n.d.

    Yakima (Wash.) Region
    (FILE P7)

    Dates: 1985; 1988; 1994-95; 1997; n.d.

    Common Threads of Providence Gathering
    (FILE P8)

    Dates: 1998

  • Series Q: Vocation Office

    1994-2003: Sisters in Formation
    (FILE Q1)

    1994-2003: Vocation Office (St. Joseph Residence, Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE Q2)

    1995 (January): International Vocation / Formation Directors Meeting (Chile)
    (FILE Q3)

    1995: Sister Residence (West Seattle, Wash.)
    (FILE Q4)

    1995: Vocation Dinner
    (FILE Q5)

    1995: Women in Ministry
    (FILE Q6)

    1996 (March): Women of Providence in Collaboration (Baltimore, Md.)
    (FILE Q7)

    1996 (May): International Formation Gathering (Montreal, Que.)
    (FILE Q8)

    1996 (Fall): National Religious Vocation Conference / Religious Formation Conference Regional Meeting (Bellevue, Wash.)
    (FILE Q9)

    1996 (Fall): National Religious Vocation Conference (New Orleans, La.)
    (FILE Q10)

    1996: Women in Ministry
    (FILE Q11)

    1996-1997: Women in Ministry
    (FILE Q12)

    1997: Women in Ministry
    (FILE Q13)

    1997 (February): Formation Gathering at North Lake House (Federal Way, Wash.)
    (FILE Q14)

    1997 (February): Los Angeles (Calif.) Religious Education Congress
    (FILE Q15)

    1997 (April): Footsteps of Mother Joseph
    (FILE Q16)

    1997 (June): Fe Sumalde, SP Renewal of Vows
    (FILE Q17)

    1997 (June): Tour of St. Ignatius Province
    (FILE Q18)

    1997 (August): Judy Roberts Renewal of Vows
    (FILE Q19)

    1997 (September): Religious Formation Conference (Anaheim)
    (FILE Q20)

    1997 (Fall): Formation Team
    (FILE Q21)

    1998 (Febuary): Formation Gathering (North Lake House, Federal Way, Wash.)
    (FILE Q22)

    1998 (April): Footsteps of Mother Joseph
    (FILE Q23)

    1998 (June): Formation In-Service (Twin Lakes, Idaho)
    (FILE Q24)

    1998 (September): Judy Roberts, SP Missioning to El Salvador
    (FILE Q25)

    1998 (October): National Religious Vocation Conference / Religious Formation Conference Regional Meeting (Lacey)
    (FILE Q26)

    1998: Women in Ministry
    (FILE Q27)

    1999 (January): Providence Mount St. Vincent Style Show
    (FILE Q28)

    1999 (April): Anchorage, Alaska
    (FILE Q29)

    1999 (April): Vocation Workshop (Ferdinand, Indiana)
    (FILE Q30)

    1999 (May): Vocation Retreat (North Lake House, Federal Way, Wash.)
    (FILE Q31)

    1999 (July): Formation International Gathering (Montreal, Que.)
    (FILE Q32)

    1999 (August): Community Meeting
    (FILE Q33)

    1999 (August): Julie Cook Entrance into the Community
    (FILE Q34)

    Women in Ministry, 1999
    (FILE Q35)

    Chinese New Year (Seattle), n.d.
    (FILE Q36)

    Women of Providence in Collaboration (Edmonton, Alb.), n.d.
    (FILE Q37)

    Women of Providence in Collaboration Vocation / Formation Meeting (Kingston, Ont.), n.d.
    (FILE Q38)

  • Series R: Slides

    Providence Archives: Tour, 1976
    (FILE R1)

    Slides prepared for a tour given to System Office staff includes offices, collections storage, filing systems, staff and volunteer projects (Sr. Solange and Sr. Judith Desmarais), etc.

    Providence Archives: Personnel, 1985-1986
    (FILE R2)

    Providence Archives: Exhibit, 1986
    (FILE R3)

    Providence Archives: Renovation, 1995
    (FILE R4)

    The Archives underwent a major renovation, adding movable shelving and reconfiguring storage areas and office space.

    Stereo Slides, 1955-1961
    (FILE R5)

    Stereo transparencies of institutions (St. Mary Hospital, Walla Walla; Providence Mount St. Vincent), but most show sisters on trips to western Washington and to Mt. Ranier, picnicking, etc. Images may have belonged to Sr. Bonosa who appears in many. 61 items.

    Vocation Slide Show, n.d.
    (FILE R6)

    Numbered slide show on history of the community, ministries, and process of becoming a sister, c. 1977 (slides dated 1975-1977). Of the total 47-slide show, the following are missing: 14; 17; 23-24; 27. A text for the show is included.

  • Series S: Sisters of Providence

    (FILE S1)

    Dates: 1983-84; 1987; n.d.

  • Series T: Formation

    (FILE T2)

    Dates: 1983; n.d.

    Teams, n.d.
    (FILE T1)