Mother Gamelin's Tomb

Mother Gamelin's original tomb, in the crypt below the chapel in the Sisters of Providence Mother House (Providence Asile), on Catherine Street, Montreal. The brick vault was later covered by plaster, with a marble overlay added in 1951, the centenary of her death.

The epitaph reads: "In memory of the Reverend Mother Gamelin, nee Marie Eugene Emmelie Tavernier, foundress and first superior of the Institute of the Sisters of Charity of Providence, deceased September 23, 1851, age of 51 years, 7 months, 3 days. She hath considered a field and bought it; with the fruit of her hands she hath planted a vineyard. Prov. 31:16."

Mother Gamelin's Current Tomb

On October 17, 1962, Mother Gamelin's remains were transferred to her current resting place in the community's new Mother House. In 2001, her tomb has become a focal point for prayer and preparation for Mother Gamelin's Beatification.