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Ellie J. C. Goldstein, M.D.

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Ellie Goldstein MD
2021 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 740E
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Speaks: Hebrew and English

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About Ellie J. C. Goldstein

A native New Yorker, Dr. Goldstein is Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine and Director of the R.M. Alden Research Laboratory, Santa Monica, CA. He trained in Infectious Diseases at the VA Wadsworth-UCLA Medical Center under Drs. Sydney M. Finegold, Vera Sutter, PhD and Dr. William Hewitt. Consequently, a major focus of his clinical and research activities has involved anaerobic bacteria and their infections. For thirty years, he has pursued his interest in human and animal bite wounds, and has published seminal studies defining their bacteriology, both aerobic and anaerobic as well as their clinical presentations, complications and therapy. Along with Diane M. Citron, Associate Director of the R.M. Alden Research Laboratory, they have pursued many clinical and laboratory research interests including the aerobic and anaerobic bacteriology of intra-abdominal infections, diabetic foot infections, in vitro susceptibility of fastidious and anaerobic bacteria to new antimicrobial agents. Collaborating with colleagues at The University of Aachen, Leipzig University, the University of Wales, Michigan State University, they have studied pathogenicity factors in Bacteroides fragilis, molecular characteristics of unusual isolates leading to the description of several new genera and species, and pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of new agents. He has published over 300 articles and book chapters.

Besides his research activities, Dr. Goldstein is in full time clinical practice of Infectious Diseases at St. Johns’ Health Center of Santa Monica, Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center and Kindred Hospital-Los Angeles. He is Chief of Infection Control at Kindred Hospital-Los Angeles and sits on their National Medical Advisory Board for the 68-hospital system. He has received the Stern Teaching Award twice from the residents of Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center.

Dr. Goldstein is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Medical Microbiology and a Section Editor for Clinical Infectious Diseases and Anaerobe. He served as Associate Editor for Clinical Infectious Diseases from 1989 to 2000 and Senior Editor for Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice. He has been a reviewer for numerous journals including Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, Journal of Clinical Microbiology, and Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

In addition, Dr. Goldstein was elected as a Councilor of the Infectious Diseases Society of America [1992-1994] and has served on virtually every IDSA Committee at some time. He was a founding member and later Chair of the Clinical Affairs Committee of IDSA and with George Thornton helped organize the IDSA State and Regional Society Council. He received the “IDSA Clinician of the Year Award” in 1995. He founded and served as President of the Infectious Diseases Association of California, the IDSA affiliated regional society. He co founded the Anaerobe Society of the Americas with Dr. Finegold and severed as its second President and is currently Treasurer.

He is a member of numerous societies and organizations including the American Society for Microbiology, the Surgical Infection Society, and the Society for Anaerobic Microbiology. He is also involved in a variety of community activities and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of his children’s school, President of his synagogue, Young Israel of Santa Monica, Board member for Help Our Mobil Elderly [helping memory impaired older women] and as an advisor to Freeplay, an organization dedicated to off-leash dog parks.
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SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine, Brooklyn, NY


Erie County Medical Center, Buffalo, NY


Erie County Medical Center, Buffalo, NY


Veterans Affairs W. Los Angeles Healthcare Systems, CA

Ellie Goldstein MD
2021 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 740E
Santa Monica, CA 90404
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