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Timothy E. Byun, MD

Accepting New Patients
Hematology Oncology Medical Group
1010 West La Veta Avenue, Suite 200
Orange, CA 92868
Speaks: Korean and English

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About Timothy E. Byun

Dr. Tim Byun is board-certified in medical oncology, hematology, and internal medicine. He graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.S. in biological chemistry and received his medical doctorate degree from Rush Medical College in Chicago. He completed both his internal medicine residency and hematology/ oncology fellowship training at the University of California at Irvine. His fellowship research focused on gastric and colon cancer stem cell molecular signaling.

Dr. Byun has also designed a translational research trial for metastatic gastric cancer. He served as an assistant clinical professor in the Hematology/ Oncology Division at University of California at Irvine, and has received a certificate of special congressional recognition for his involvement in community health service.

Dr. Byun is actively involved in various clinical trials at The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment at St. Joseph Hospital, and has been selected as an America’s Top Oncologist by Consumer’s Research Council of America.

Medical School

Medical Rush Medical College


University of California- Irvine


University of California- Irvine


University of Chicago

Hematology Oncology Medical Group
1010 West La Veta Avenue, Suite 200
Orange, CA 92868
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St. Joseph Hospital, Orange
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Liver Bile Duct and Pancreas Tumor Program
Melanoma and Skin Cancer Program
Neuro-Oncology Program
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