Financial Assistance

If you need help with your medical bills, Providence may be able to help.

Financial assistance is core to how Providence and our family of organizations supports those who are vulnerable. It helps those who are uninsured, underinsured or otherwise unable to pay for their health care. We provide assistance with medical bills, including free or discounted care. 

Providence’s financial assistance program is designed to make care more affordable for patients in need. It includes:

  • Free or low-cost care, also known as charity care, which can reduce or eliminate costs for those in need. 
  • A proactive approach to financial assistance that seeks to provide charity care to those who are vulnerable, even if they have not applied for financial assistance. 
  • Generous interest-free, long-term payment plan options. 
  • Assistance in applying for financial assistance and medical coverage, including COBRA, Medicaid and coverage through the state or federal marketplace. 

Find out more about our financial assistance program, including how to make an appointment with a financial counselor, by clicking on where you receive care: