Managing the Uncertainty of the COVID-19 Outbreak through Walking

Managing the uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak through walking

Make no mistake- managing the uncertainty of the COVID 19 outbreak will require intentional effort and planning. We have suddenly entered a society that looks dramatically different from just a week ago and is unlike anything that (most of us) have experienced before. The constant media reporting of new cases and shifting circumstances, statewide school and business closures, economic insecurity, and the questions of it all can negatively impact our mental and emotional health.

Making a plan for mental and emotional self-care is essential in these times. In addition to being important for your individual wellness, it can help to maintain your health, allowing for an active and engaged lifestyle for you and your family.

If maintaining good health during this time of social distancing and digital connection is the goal, then walking and moving outside can be a winning strategy for you and your family.

Why walk? Walking and moving is free, available right outside your door, and accessible across age and ability. It can help prevent cabin fever and provide a welcome dose of fresh air. Let’s not forget- it’s also fun!

AmericaWalks.Org offers tips and advice on how to walk safely during Covid-19.

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