Giving Impact: Caring for Caregivers

Giving Impact: Caring for Caregivers

Donations toward St. Jude’s Emergency Response & Recovery Campaign are helping provide immediate relief and support to frontline caregivers. In addition to food and supplies gifted by the community, donations have opened opportunities for caregiver assistance and appreciation, such as comfort items and a safe place to sleep or shower after a shift. 

“Our caregivers already work tirelessly every day to care for their patients, without the added stress of COVID-19 and wondering how they will keep themselves and their families safe,” says Mary Ann Perez, Director of Care Experience. “I’m so grateful for the community’s partnership in alleviating some of that anxiety, and making our employees feel safe and cared for during this challenging time.”

If you'd like to support the heroic caregivers at St. Jude Medical Center, contact the Memorial Foundation at (714) 992-3033 or email


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