Providence COVID-19 testing sites in Walla Walla

Providence COVID-19 testing sites in Walla Walla

Providence Urgent Care

Providence Urgent Care’s COVID-19 drive-through is the primary COVID-19 testing site for Providence. It usually has a shorter wait time than other options. If you need care for your symptoms, it also is your least expensive option. It provides testing for:

  •         People exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
  •         Those who need a test prior to a procedure or study
  •         People needing a test to be cleared for travel
  •         Unsheltered individuals

Due to a shortage of rapid test kits, tests are currently sent to a lab outside of the community, which produces results in a few days.

MyChart: If you have or sign up for MyChart, your test results will be available to you within MyChart the moment that the lab generates them.

Providence St. Mary Emergency Department

The Emergency Department should only be used in a medical emergency, such as if you are feeling extremely ill or have having trouble breathing. Going to the Emergency Department is the most expensive option and waits can be lengthy, since the most severely ill and injured people are treated first regardless of when they arrive. 

That said, if you are extremely ill, experiencing chest pains or suffer a severe injury, please go to the Emergency Department immediately. Delaying care could intensify your condition and risk the ability of your body to fully recover.


The Emergency Department provides COVID-19 testing for people with symptoms, and those needing an emergency surgery/procedure.

Test result turnaround times: Rapid, same-day tests are used for severely ill individuals. Due to a shortage in rapid test kits, other patients with less severe symptoms may receive a test that is sent to a lab outside of the community, which produces test results in a few days.


Providence Family Medicine

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and have an appointment with your family medicine provider, your provider may administer a test, or may direct you to go to Urgent Care for testing.

Test result turnaround times: Tests administered in the clinic are sent out to a reference lab so times vary. Currently they are running approximately 3 days.


Other options

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