A Tribute to Providence Saint John's Organ Donors

A Tribute to Providence Saint John's Organ Donors

Each day there are approximately 107,000 people on the national transplant waiting list, hoping that today might be the day that they receive the gift of life.  Every nine minutes another person is added to the waiting list.
This recognition page is dedicated to all the heroes who turned loss into hope and transformed lives through organ donation.  
On behalf of every person whose live has been saved through organ donation, and their grateful family members, Providence thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank You from Our CEO

Our Gracious Donors


Darlene Morcos

Beloved wife, mom, nonna and friend.  Your legacy continues with your selfless act of kindness and the gift of hope to others.  We miss you.


eric-corsoEric Corso

Eric was a lover and a giver.  He lived fully in the present moment and gave a piece of his heart to every person he met.  




Robert Dixon

Loving, caring, always giving, even in the end.  



photo-of-debra-blakelyDebra Blakeley

Kind, generous, thoughtful and beautiful in every way.



photo-of-seth-vestSeth Vest

I had one life to live and so much love to give. Giving life to others was my last and final gift.
(DOB 6/11/1999 DOD 9/1/2020)


Ceremony Video

Donor Family Aftercare Program Available to all OneLegacy Donor Families.