Journeys in bariatric surgery: Claudia's story

Watch video: Journeys in bariatric surgery: Claudia's story

My name is Claudia and this is my story.

I made the decision to have weight loss surgery at Providence Little Company of Mary (PLCM) because I had Type 2 diabetes that was uncontrolled. I reached a low after having a cellulitis infection that required me to get intravenous infusions for two months. My experience having surgery at PLCM was very positive. I was very well taken care of and truly felt like my patient care team gave me a second chance at life!

Since having surgery in 2018, I have lost a total of 151 lbs., and went from a size XXXL to XS. More importantly, my biggest success thus far is that I am no longer diabetic and am free from any health problems.

My biggest motivation for continued change and keeping the weight off is my daughter and being able to live life to the fullest. My advice to anyone considering weight loss surgery is to trust the process and don’t lose faith.

It's very important to apply ourselves throughout each step of the journey. Even if we just lose two pounds in one week, it’s still something to celebrate. We must continually remind ourselves that what we are doing is amazing, and that this journey is beautiful.

For more information about our Bariatric Wellness Program, please visit our Bariatric Wellness Center website, or call our Program Coordinator, Colette Micko at 310-303-5613.

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