SJCPF Annual Letter

January 26, 2022

Dear Friends,

2021 was another year of disruption. From managing through COVID variants to addressing deep-rooted systemic inequities and ongoing financial constraints, our resilience - as a nation, an organization, and a community - has been tested.

Yet in some ways, this disruption has been a force for positive change. It has pushed us at the St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund to rethink the ways in which we fulfill our mission and serve our constituents in the evolving health care and philanthropy landscapes.

Recent challenges, largely related to the ongoing pandemic, have taught our organization to be flexible as we enter a new phase of recovery. We know the importance and value of investing in both immediate needs and long-term infrastructure, especially when supporting other organizations with strategic planning and development.

This approach began last year with an important expansion of the Fund’s reach. After 35 years of dedicated service in southern California, the Fund widened our scope to support communities in each of the seven states Providence serves.

With this expansion, we formalized our Board of Directors who provide directional oversight and subject matter expertise in the fields of health care, community development and philanthropy. Their guidance, combined with key internal partnerships across Providence, has helped us dedicate time and brain power to building up our own capacity to better serve organizations and communities.

In 2022, the Fund will continue to reach those furthest from justice and work toward equity in two key areas: nonprofit capacity building and education. First, by bolstering nonprofit organizations’ internal capacity through integrated and intentional investments, such as our Community Capacity Initiative, we are supporting critical functions including research and evaluation, leadership development and coaching, strategic planning, and technical assistance.

When organizations have the tools and resources to invest in long-term planning and opportunities, they are better equipped to serve their constituents and achieve their goals.

Second, we believe access to education is a human right and has the power to lift people out of poverty and improve their lives. The Fund’s targeted investments in 2022 will support new education models focused on addressing racial equity and justice with the goal of creating scalable and lasting impact at all levels of education, particularly for those who face systemic barriers.

We overcame the hurdles of 2021 with patience, perseverance and creative thinking, and the Fund is now better positioned to partner with organizations and leaders who understand how to address the pressing needs of their communities.

I look forward to partnering with you in 2022 to continue building a stronger, more equitable future for all.



Gabriela Robles

Chief Executive, St. Joseph Community Partnership Fund