People Behind Our Hospital: Meet Lynn

For the past four decades, Surgical Nurse and Educator Lynn Miles has dedicated her career to providing exceptional patient care at Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center. When Lynn became a nurse, she was excited to wear her all-white nursing uniform, which consisted of a white dress, white shoes and white nylons. As nursing evolved, today Lynn finds herself in a different attire, wearing scrubs during her daily duties, like many other healthcare professionals.

Throughout her career, Lynn has witnessed remarkable advancements in medical innovation, especially around procedures like kidney stone removal, which previously required large incisions and invasive surgeries. Since then, the procedure has been revolutionized by the introduction of minimally invasive techniques, such as scopes through the urethra. Patients with kidney stones can now benefit from procedures that no longer necessitate extensive incisions, leading to shorter hospital stays ranging from same-day discharge to 24-hour recovery.

This advancement has significantly reduced post-operative pain and improved overall patient recovery. Additionally, this procedure requires just one surgeon vs. two, who can collaborate with a Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA), allowing the surgeon and the medical center to treat more patients.

The strong bonds formed between Lynn and her fellow caregivers, especially during night shifts, created a sense of family within the hospital. Many of these relationships endured as caregivers supported one another through personal milestones such as marriage and raising children. Lynn herself has deep connections to the medical center, as both her daughters and granddaughters were born at Tarzana.

Lynn is excited about the opening of the new Friese Family Tower this fall and the partnership between Providence and Cedars-Sinai. She believes this collaboration has brought and will continue to bring numerous benefits to the medical center, including access to new equipment and technology for surgeons, ultimately providing even better care to our patients and the community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Lynn for her 40 years of unwavering service, dedication and compassionate patient care.