How PACE Cares

(07-27-2023) My husband enrolled in Providence ElderPlace Beaverton in 2020. ElderPlace became my husband’s insurer and took care of future paperwork. Each member of the interdisciplinary team met with us in our home and then convened to create a Plan of Care overseen by his doctor that delineated the care needs of my husband. The team reviewed his Plan of Care periodically and continually updated their services and prescriptions to adjust to his constantly changing needs based upon my feedback. 
Beyond the value of the interdisciplinary scope was the quality of care provided to us. The team taught me so much about how to care for my husband as his disease progressed. They helped me through each difficult decision with compassion and focus on alleviating his pain. Everyone treated him with such respect. They also extended respect and support to me on my journey as my husband’s main caregiver and loving wife. It was a very difficult journey, but my dear husband was able to live with dignity until the end and receive the most compassionate care at home throughout the remainder of his life. 

Thank you, Elderplace nurses, therapists, pharmacist, support staff. You were the angels guiding us through his final years in the best way possible.

K. Levine, widow of ElderPlace PACE participant