K9 program welcomes two new four-legged friends

Join us in extending a warm welcome to the newest members of the Providence K9 Program, where security officers and their loyal canine companions work hand-in-paw to provide the highest level of service to our caregivers.

Security Officer Rachel Adams and her four-legged partner K9 Rosalie (Rosie), and Security Officer Jereme Daw and his canine sidekick K9 Duke, have already been hard at work in our hospitals.

Rosie, named after Sister Rosalie Locati, is a charismatic 18-month-old black German Shepherd and is a spirited explorer with a love for swimming and adventure. Rosie works with Officer Adams, a Spokane native who has been an essential part of the Providence security team for nearly four years. Her passion for K9s and dedication to ensuring the safety of our caregivers and patients shines through her everyday work.

Duke is a two-year-old German Shepard from Hungary. He is no stranger to protecting and serving from his patrol work with the Spokane Police Department. Under the guidance of Officer Daw, he is currently undergoing certification for explosive detection, adding yet another invaluable skill to his impressive repertoire.

For Officer Daw, the Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center's security department has been his professional home for over five years, with a special focus on his involvement with the esteemed K9 team. An affinity for K9 work has been his calling since his early days as a rookie police officer two decades ago.

“I was drawn to the hospital’s K9 team due to their professionalism and dedication to providing top-notch service to caregivers,” Officer Daw said.

Beyond his professional prowess, Duke also exudes a gentle and playful nature, forming heartwarming connections with Officer Daw's two children, other furry friends, and even a newly adopted field kitten.

Providence is thrilled to introduce these new K9s who embody the spirit of dedication, loyalty, and compassion. The K9 program is an indispensable part of the Providence family, ensuring safety, providing comfort, and spreading joy throughout our ministries.

If you see them around the hospital, please ask their handlers for permission before petting them.

This program and the addition of the two new K9s was made possible through the support of the Providence Inland Northwest Foundation. Their contribution in covering the cost of these remarkable dogs and launching the caregiver-directed fund campaign is a testament to their dedication to enhancing the level of care and security at our ministries.

For more information about the K9 Program Support Fund, please click here.