Mental Wellness

Grieving for normalcy: Ways to help you cope
The routines and rituals we considered normal before the pandemic have gone, and it hurts.
Taking care of people who take care of people
Behavioral health clinician offers some insights and advice on how telehealth can help during the COVID-19 health crisis.
Give teens tools for managing distress during COVID-19 crisis
A psychologist and NYT best-selling author offers guidelines on how to help teens navigate their uncomfortable emotions during the pandemic.
What to look for when searching for a telehealth doctor for mental health support
Swedish behavioral health expert offers some advice on how to use telehealth to get mental health support.
Aunt Bertha - a social care network
Aunt Bertha provides social services to reduce social isolation during COVID,
New study: Exercise can help your mood
Find out how moderate aerobic exercise improved the mood of research participants in a timely new study.
Caregiver self care tips
Self care tips for caregivers during covid-19
CDC on Stress and Coping During Covid-19
CDC offers advice on how to deal with stress and cope during covid-19.
Caregiver self-care
Ways for medical workers to care for themselves during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
Federal resources to help you manage through COVID-19
Some useful resources from SAMHSA on how to navigate through the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more.
Providence and Well Being Trust launch new teen mental health program
Providence and Well Being Trust team to launch work2bewell program targeted at teens. Learn more.
How to talk to your kids about their mental health
10 questions to ask your teen regarding their mental health
Not a phase: How to recognize suicidal tendencies in teens
Teens - Sad vs Suicidal
Natural remedies to help with stress and anxiety
Remedies you can make at home for stress
Recognizing signs of depression in kids
Is your child sad or could it be something more?
AHA’s advancing health podcast: Using telehealth to address behavioral issues
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals and health systems are expanding telehealth services. Learn more.
Well Being Trust actions in time of Covid-19
Well Being Trust fights for the mental, emotional and spiritual health of the Nation. CEO, Tyler Norris, MDiv offers advice during Covid-19.
Tips for working from home
Working from home is the new normal and it's a foreign concept to some. Learn about some tips that can help you as you embrace working from home.
Free resources for youth to keep the mind active
As you embrace homeschooling and ways to keep your kids challenged, here are some free resources to help.
Free resources for reading, watching movies, or listening to music
Life looks radically different these days as the country hunkers down in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
COVID-19: Potential implications for individuals with substance use disorders
Learn more about how to overcome substance abuse challenges during times of crisis.
COVID-19 pandemic impacts people in addiction recovery
Learn about how addiction support services are helping patients virtually in the era of social distancing.
COVID-19 poses unique challenges for alcohol drinkers
Alcohol consumption can compromise your immune system. Learn more about how you can navigate the challenges of drinking too much during a crisis.
Resist using drugs, alcohol to cope during COVID-19 outbreak
During times of crisis, the desire to turn to alcohol or drugs can be tempting. Learn some tips about how to cope during this difficult time.
Domestic violence during covid-19
Domestic violence can escalate during times of crisis. Learn how you can help victims of domestic abuse plan and cope.
How to be alone, but not lonely, despite the Coronavirus
You're not alone during this health crisis. Learn how to cope while sheltering in place.
Social distancing comes with social side effects – here’s how to stay connected
Tips and advice on how to stay connected in the era of social distancing. Learn more.
Talking to kids about coronavirus
What's the best way to talk to kids about coronavirus? Our friends at Child Mind Institute offer 8 points of helpful advice.
Helping children cope with stress
5 helpful tips and signs your child is experiencing stress.
Helping children cope with emergencies
CDC offers advice on how to help your children during time of emergency.