Community Wellness

Trauma Healing Institute brings you a spiritual guide to help with loss, anxiety and more.
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CarePortal brings hurting children and churches together
Nextdoor app launches new help map to help with COVID.
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Tips from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to cope with stress during a disaster offers tips on how to safely walk during Covid-19
Information from the CDC with information on how to reduce stress for individuals, parents, first responders, and people recently released from quarantine
If you're a first responder and you need help managing the stress from the recent COVID-19 outbreak, this article from provides a variety of resources to help.
Most recent policy letter sent to Administration and Congress.
If you're a first responder or disaster responder, this article provides ways for you to take care of yourself during and after a response
Resources from for those in need of resources to start or maintain sobriety during the COVID-19 outbreak
Not everyone can make it to meetings in person during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are some resources that can be used to access vital recovery support online from home
If you or someone you know are a victim of domestic violence there is help. Follow the link to find safety during Covid-19.