Digital Health

The Digital Innovation Group identifies the biggest problems in healthcare that are addressable through a digital solution. After identifying a problem, we look to the market for solutions. We provide support, technical infrastructure, trial, and rapid adoption of new technologies from innovative companies. If it makes more sense to build internally, then we build the product. We always work with the end consumer in mind, and often collaborate with other health systems to build a better healthcare future for all.

The Digital Innovation Group has built several health-related businesses including Xealth and Circle (now Wildflower Health). Xealth is a digital prescribing platform that allows providers to ‘prescribe’ digital applications, content, services, products, and devices directly through the EMR, with a connection back into the EMR and patient portal. Circle, which is a family health engagement app, was acquired by Wildflower Health, a leading mobile health software company.

We achieve scale through a combination of using lean innovation to test experiments rapidly, incorporating real consumer feedback, making thoughtful investments in solutions that we believe will move the needle and collaborating with other health systems. Ultimately, we are fueled by our vision for a modernized, 21st century healthcare world where we can delight consumers throughout their healthcare journeys.

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Providence Ventures

Launched in 2014, the $300M Providence Fund is the strategic arm of the Digital Innovation Group. Providence Ventures targets early-to-mid-stage investment opportunities, preferring to be one of the first institutional investors in a company. Providence seeks to deploy $8 to $15 million over the life of an investment. The innovation opportunities Providence targets tend to reflect the priorities of the U.S. health system overall.

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