Providence Leadership 

Hoda Asmar

Hoda Asmar, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Deb Canales

Debra A. (Deb) Canales
Chief Administrative Officer

Michelle Edwards

Michelle L. Edwards, DNP
Chief Experience Officer

Joel Gilbertson

Joel Gilbertson
Chief Executive, Central Division

Dougal Hewitt

Dougal Hewitt
Chief Mission and Sponsorship Officer

Rod Hochman

Rod Hochman, MD
President and CEO

Greg Hoffman

Greg Hoffman
Chief Financial Officer

Orest Holubec

Orest Holubec
Chief Communication and Community Engagement Officer

David Kim

David S. Kim, MD
Chief Executive, Providence Clinical Network

BJ Moore

B.J. Moore
Chief Information Officer
Executive Vice President of Real Estate Strategy and Operations

Anna Newsom

Anna Newsom
Chief Legal Officer

Wasif Rasheed

Wasif Rasheed
Chief Revenue and Growth Officer

Ari Robicsek

Ari Robicsek, MD
Chief Medical Analytics Officer

Ali Santore

Ali Santore
Chief Advocacy and Social Responsibility Officer

Greg Till

Greg Till
Chief People Officer

Sheryl Vacca

Sheryl Vacca
Chief Risk Officer

Sara Vaezy

Sara Vaezy
Chief Strategy and Digital Officer

Erik Wexler

Erik G. Wexler
Chief Operating Officer

  • Mary Lyons, PhD - chair
  • Richard Blair
  • Isiaah Crawford, PhD
  • Christina Fisher
  • Sr. Diane Hejna, CSJ RN
  • Rod Hochman, CEO
  • Sr. Phyllis Hughes, RSM DrPH
  • Michael Murphy
  • Carol Pacini, LCM
  • Charles Sorenson, MD
  • Eric Sprunk
  • William Cox - chair
  • Sr. Mary Therese Sweeney, CSJ - vice chair
  • Sr. Sharon Becker, CSJ
  • Russell Danielson
  • Edward Dolejsi
  • Sr. Beverly Dunn, SP - sponsor intern
  • Jeffrey Flocken
  • Mark Koenig
  • Sr. Cecilia Magladry, CSJ
  • Sr. Maggie Pastro, SP
  • Barbara Savage