St. Joseph Fund

St. Joseph Fund (SJF) is Providence's grantmaking foundation. It invests in and fosters long-term partnerships, rooted in love, with communities to ensure they are lively, hopeful, healthy, and just.

Its partnerships are tailored to provide each group with capacity-building support specific to their needs. Together, they build relationships and foster ongoing dialogues beyond a grant term. Each partnership encourages the accessibility of staff to generate ideas and innovations.

SJF invests in regional nonprofits and collaboratives across Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, and Washington to strengthen and build the power of communities, focusing on building community in four key areas:

  • Disaster Response and Resilience
  • Lifelong Education that Opens Doors
  • Positive Change through Community Power
  • Community Healing and Resilience

Capacity building is at the center of SJF’s work. By that, it means infrastructure development, internal assessments, research, training, cohort learning, examining policies and procedures, and more to encompass the building blocks for organizational power to carry forth direct community and social impact.

It partners with community members to go the distance with them toward wholeness. The SJF doesn’t just fund initiatives – it remains partners long after the grant funds have been expended. SJF leaders and those at their nonprofit partners each have lived experience and understand the needs of underserved communities.

The SJF team is motivated by compassion, kindness, and the desire to benefit others and believes this leads to more positive outcomes and creates a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Above all, SFJ believes in the power of the community.

It celebrates and centers community expertise and experience. It listens to their wisdom. It understands their needs. And it invests in their opportunities.

SJF envisions working and living together in lively, hopeful, healthy, and just communities.

The SJF invests in long-term partnerships rooted in love.

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