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Lance O. Allen, D.O.

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Speaks: English

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About Lance O. Allen

Dr. Lance Allen practiced family medicine in rural Utah for three years before moving to Alaska with his wife and family in February 2015. In addition to family medicine, he delivered babies, performed C-sections, and worked in the emergency room. Prior to finding his calling in the medical field, Dr. Allen led a life as an environmental engineer. While he enjoyed the outdoors, he was drawn to working with people, which led him to earning his degree as a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) in 2008. As a DO, he focuses on preventive health care and pays close attention to how different parts of the body are interconnected. Through specialized training in osteopathic manipulative treatment, Dr. Allen is able to provide patients with a broad range of treatment options.
Medical School

Touro University College of Osetopathic medicine

Board Certifications

  • AOA Boards, Family Medicine
Affiliated Locations

Providence Seward Medical Center