Senior male with a provider at a consult

Our Approach

Our psychiatric specialists and mental health therapists assess, diagnose, and treat psychiatric conditions. We serve older adults (aged 60 and over).

How we work

  • Patients are a central part of the care team and work with our specialists to develop a care plan that will best meet the patient’s needs.
  • Patient care plans may include medication management, individual therapy, and group treatment.
  • Our goal is to help patients stabilize and return to their primary care team for ongoing prescribing.
  • Our innovative program is patient-centered and uses the Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) model of care.

Who we serve

We treat older adults (aged 60 and over) who need psychiatric stabilization but don’t need to be seen more than once a week – or patients needing assessment for placement in a more appropriate level of care.

At our Milwaukie psychiatry clinic, we do not offer the following services: Intensive outpatient services, partial hospitalization, Suboxone prescribing, chemical dependency treatment, disability evaluation, eating disorder treatment, long-term mental health care, or treatment for children, adolescents or adults aged 60 or younger.

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association as a safe treatment for certain mental illnesses, ECT uses electrical stimulation in the brain to alter chemistry and reduce harmful symptoms caused by various conditions. Learn more about ECT.

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