Volunteering with Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Council

At Providence, working as a Patient and Family Advisor contributes to a process of continually improving health care for you, your family and your community.

Being a Patient and Family Advisor means:

  • Sharing your knowledge, skills and perspectives to improve patient experiences
  • Attending PFAC meetings and workgroup sessions for designated projects and partnering with other stakeholders in the Providence community
  • Recognizing that Providence is a complex organization serving multiple constituencies in a diverse world

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How We Engage Our Patient and Family Advisors

PFAC meetings

Patient and Family Advisor Council meetings focus upon various initiatives, programs and activities that inform and enrich the delivery of health care services, consistent with the Providence Mission. Various members of the Providence community present information at these meetings, and the Council members themselves may share successes, ideas and challenges.

Workgroups and projects

Workgroups and projects allow Patient and Family Advisors to contribute in:

  • Reviewing patient and family education materials
  • Participating in focus groups
  • Work on standing operations committees
  • Contributing to larger-scale, longer-term projects

Patient and Family Advisory Council Accomplishments

  • Regional readmissions reduction
  • Patient room whiteboard review
  • Emergency department play area for children
  • Waiting room principles and standards
  • Joint replacement pre-op education materials

Who are We Looking For?

People who:

  • Have been a patient or have a family member who has been a patient
  • Understand and believe in the Providence Mission
  • Can listen, inquire, analyze and synthesize concepts and ideas
  • Respect others and differing opinions
  • Can work well with a variety of individuals in a variety of roles

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