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Workplace Health Services

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Workplace Health Services

Your employee's health is our business

At Providence we understand that your employees are your greatest asset. The Providence Workplace Health Services division is focused on helping them stay healthy, resilient and productive. Our ultimate goal is to help you reduce your overall health care costs while creating and maintaining a healthy workforce.

Worksite employee health clinics

Workplace Health offers several models for on-site employee clinics. Our on-site health clinics provide health care for your employees’ non-life-threatening medical conditions (work-related or not). Not only do on-site clinics offer care at a lower cost , but they reduce the amount of time your employees are away from work, and that improves your productivity.


  • A clinic fully staffed with a nurse practitioner and a medical assistant
  • Telehealth clinic offers web-based video conferencing with a nurse practitioner
  • Mobile health clinic
Ergonomics and job task solutions

Providence Workplace Health believes that prevention of workplace injuries is critical to maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. We offer a range of services designed to reduce the incidence of preventable accidents and chronic work-related conditions that occur in every industry.


  • Ergonomic workstation evaluations
  • Consultation and training
  • Job task analysis development
  • Physical capacity test design and testing

As part of our Workplace Health Services division, Providence Occupational Medicine has seven conveniently located clinics across Oregon to serve you and your employees. Our providers are highly skilled and experienced in caring for employees with work-related injuries and illnesses.

Our focus is on appropriate, effective medical care with an emphasis on timely return to work. In conjunction with Providence Health & Services immediate care facilities and hospitals, we can provide acute injury and illness care for your employees 24/7.


  • Ability to access “first visit” records from any Providence Health & Services location
  • Clear work restrictions provided at every visit (our form or yours)
  • Post-injury drug and alcohol testing
  • Appropriate, timely referrals to specialists when needed
  • Provider visits and tours of your worksite

Drugs and alcohol in the work environment place co-workers and customers at risk. Having a robust drug- and alcohol-testing program can help reduce that risk. Providence Workplace Health collectors are fully trained and certified under 49 CFR part 40, and our facilities comply with DOT regulations.


  • Pre-employment, post-accident/incident, random and for cause/reasonable suspicion drug- and breath- alcohol testing.
  • Lab-based and rapid-result drug tests (e-Screen e-cup now available at select locations)
  • Collection-only and full-service packages available (collection, lab fees and MRO included)
  • Web-based (self-service) and faxed results reporting
  • On-site drug/alcohol random test collections
  • Drug-free workplace assessments (EAP program)

Providence Workplace Health is pleased to offer a comprehensive list of medical evaluation services designed to help you maintain a healthy and safe work environment and help you comply with OSHA standards and regulatory obligations.

Medical evaluation services are provided by our highly skilled and experienced doctors and nurse practitioners at one of our convenient occupational medicine clinic locations.


  • Preplacement screening exams
  • Physical capacity tests
  • Fitness-for-duty (return-to-work) evaluations
  • Medical surveillance evaluations
  • DOT (truck driver) examinations
  • DOE (bus driver) examinations
  • NFPA (firefighter) examinations
  • DPSST (police) examinations
  • Respirator exams and fit testings
  • Wellness evaluations
  • Audiogram (hearing tests)
  • Laboratory tests
  • EKG/treadmill stress tests
  • Additional services available

An employee’s personal problems often become business problems for you. Troubled employees often miss work and have trouble concentrating while they are at work. Sometimes they make costly mistakes or compromise their own safety. That’s where a good employee assistance program comes in.


  • Confidential assessments and counseling
  • Critical incident debriefings
  • Drug-free workplace assessments
  • Manager consultations
  • Training programs

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At Workplace Health Services, you'll have access to a vast network of dedicated and compassionate providers who offer personalized care by focusing on treatment, prevention and health education.