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SoundCareKids is a support program for families with children who have experienced the death of a significant person in their lives. Groups meet in four six-week sessions each year. When in session, SoundCareKids meets on Thursdays from 6:15-7:45 p.m. Each 90-minute session utilizes age-appropriate activities that are designed to meet the unique needs of grieving children. Pizza is provided for families each week. 

In SoundCareKids groups, children and youth have the opportunity to:

  • Express grief in creative, experiential ways – often through play or similar methods
  • Share feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment
  • Make friends with other kids who have experienced the death of someone important in their lives
  • Experience healing and peace in the midst of their pain

Some of the topics covered during sessions include:

  • Learning about grief and getting to know each other
  • Exploring grief feelings and learning how to cope with them
  • Sharing our stories 
  • Dealing with regret, guilt, and other unfinished business
  • Identifying and adjusting to changes 
  • Memories and staying connected
Current offerings
Telehealth Grief Counseling

Phone or web-based telehealth sessions are free of charge on an as needed basis for children, teens and families. Grief counseling focuses on short term, strength-based skill building for those experiencing uncomplicated grief.

Grief Activity Kit

Arts, crafts, movement and memorial activities mailed to your door! Activities are focused on supporting children and families with the important task of maintaining connections to their special person who died. Instructions, ideas for use and most materials are included.

Grief Education and Training

Available by phone or video conference for any organization that works with children, teens and families on understanding developmental grief responses, building coping skills and how to talk about death and dying.

The groups are supervised by a Master’s level counselor and are facilitated by volunteers from the community who have been through background checks, have had specialized training, and who have a genuine interest in helping grieving children learn skills to cope with their loss.

Children are placed into groups by age. While the children are meeting in their groups, the Adult Caregivers meet to discuss what the children are learning and how to help guide the children through their grief. Families come together at the end of each session for a closing ceremony.

  • Littles group (Ages 5-8)
    Developmentally, children in this age group have a difficult time with abstract concepts such as death. It’s not uncommon for young children to think of death as reversible, as abandonment, and sometimes as their fault. In our Littles group, we use therapeutic play, books, art, puppets, and music to help support the children through the grieving process.
  • Middles group (Ages 9-12)
    Children in this age range begin to see death as permanent. They are becoming more abstract thinkers and are starting to have the ability to mourn and understand mourning, but they may also feel that the death is a punishment. In our Middles group we use therapeutic talking, writing, art, and physical activity.
  • Teens group (Ages 13-18)
    While teens may be more articulate in talking about their grief, it still can be difficult for them to express their feelings and thoughts to family and friends. In our Teens group, we use therapeutic journaling, music, poetry, talking, creating, and games to help teens work through their grief at their own pace.
  • Parents/caregivers
    The challenges of parenting are intensified when a child is grieving, and adult caregivers often feel at a loss to know how to help their child cope effectively. In our Adult Caregivers group, we use education and therapeutic talking to help adults develop skills to support their children through the grieving process. Adult caregivers meet to discuss what the children are learning about grief, coping, and expressing feelings; to learn about grief and how it can be experienced at different life stages; and to learn from the experiences of other adults.

Families must register to participate. Please call the SoundCareKids Bereavement Program to request the registration materials and to register for the group. Registration forms:

You can also download one of the above registration forms, complete it, and return it to:

Providence SoundHomeCare and Hospice
ATTN: SoundCareKids Program Coordinator
4200 6th Ave SE Ste. 201
Lacey, WA 98503

Please contact us if you have any questions by calling: 

The SoundCareKids program is sponsored by Providence SoundHomeCare and Hospice and is offered as a community service without any charge to participants.

Our goal is to help children work through their grief by learning about death, understanding the grief process, and remembering the person who died through activities, sharing, and play. We also have trained therapy dogs who sit with the children during group. Adults receive education about how to help their children through grief.

Our six-week sessions are offered three times each year: in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. You may call at any time to request registration materials and to register for the upcoming session.

You may fill out a registration form for each child or use the form for multiple siblings; but a separate form is required for each adolescent registering.