A Better Approach to Back Pain

A Better Approach to Back Pain

From simple muscle strain to more complex issues

Back pain is common. Unfortunately, quick access to successful treatment is not.

“Those with back pain often end up seeing multiple doctors, waiting for imaging that offers little or no useful information, and pursuing solutions with no proven benefit,” explains Natalia Covarrubias, MD, a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician at Providence St. Jude. “All of which delays recovery.”

The St. Jude Back Pain Program uniquely offers patients evidence-based care that avoids the wrong turns and delays often characterizing treatment.

“Through a comprehensive musculoskeletal exam we can usually identify the cause and degree of impairment,” explains Philip Molina, DPT, a board-certified orthopedic physical therapist experienced in evidence-based approaches to back pain. “Treatment begins during the patient’s first appointment.”

The vast majority of patients, especially those with lower back pain, are successfully treated with noninvasive therapies, which can range from therapeutic exercise and myofascial release to acupuncture and biofeedback. But if more complex care is needed, a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician directs and coordinates the next steps, whether that means a referral to a spine surgeon, more advanced pain interventions, or additional testing.

“Having a board-certified rehabilitation physician oversee and ‘quarter back’ your treatment offers a huge advantage,” says Philip.

“Their expertise allows patients to sidestep common mistakes, such as waiting to see the wrong specialist.” Case in point: Studies show that most back pain referrals sent to orthopedic surgeons fall outside their area of specialty. “We offer care that is convenient, streamlined and highly effective,” he  explains. “The trifecta of great back care.”

To make an appointment with the St. Jude Back Pain Program, please call 714-578-8720. A physician referral is needed.

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