Hear Me Now: "It's a special joy to see people thrive."

Hear Me Now: "It's a special joy to see people thrive."

Featuring Bridget, Laarni and Crystal talking about refugee resettlement in Alaska. 

Brigit Reynolds (1st photo) from Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services talks with Laarni Power (2nd photo) and Crystal Brayboy (3rd photo) from Providence Alaska, about the rewards of working with people from other parts of the world who resettle in the state. Job training at Providence helps each person build a new life. Laarni serves as community outreach liaison and Crystal as manager of environmental services at Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage.  


Hear Me Now is a storytelling program at Providence, initially created in partnership with StoryCorps. Hear Me Now’s mission is to give patients, loved ones, and caregivers a sacred space to share their stories and make healthcare more humane. 


Health for a Better World story, about serving with our local partners to build community resilience. 

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