Providence researchers contribute study findings at ASCO 2024 meeting, May 31- June 3

Researchers at Earle A. Chiles Research Institute, a division of Providence Cancer Institute of Oregon, contributed abstracts and participated in presentations at the 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago, May 31-June 3.

The ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) Annual Meeting is pivotal for advancing cancer research because it serves as a premier platform for oncologists, researchers and health care professionals to share groundbreaking research, treatments and emerging clinical practices. This convergence of experts fosters collaboration and helps accelerate the translation of research findings into clinical applications. 

Read on to find out who contributed to abstracts this year and to learn about some of the latest studies. 

Clinical Science Symposium (Oral Presentation) 

Head and Neck Cancer 

Gastrointestinal Cancer—Colorectal and Anal 

Symptom Science and Palliative Care 

Developmental Therapeutics—Immunotherapy 

Abstract 2602: Phase 1 study of BA3071, an anti–CTLA-4 conditionally active biologic, in combination with nivolumab in advanced solid tumors | Matthew Taylor, M.D., et al.  

Publication Only 

Care Delivery and Quality Care 

Abstract e13811: MRI-Linac radiation therapy outcomes in patients with prostate, breast and other advanced malignancies | Marka Crittendon, Ph.D., Kristina Young, M.D., Ph.D., et al. 

Abstract e23109: CGP-based IO biomarker assessment and treatment utilization across a major US health system | Carlo Bifulco, Ph.D., Brian Piening, Ph.D., et al. 

Providence center of excellence for precision immuno-oncology and cellular therapy  

Since 1993, cancer research has been the primary focus of the Earle A. Chiles Research Institute, the research arm of Providence Cancer Institute of Oregon. Under the leadership of Walter J. Urba, M.D., Ph.D., our team of physicians and scientists work together to improve cancer treatment methods – seamlessly joining lab research and clinical trials with patient care.  

Our main area of research is cancer immunotherapy, and with the advancements in genomic sequencing we bring together the power of immunotherapy and personalized medicine to accelerate leading-edge research and groundbreaking discoveries for patients with cancer.  

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