See stories of hope in annual report to our communities

Jennifer Burrows, RN
Chief Executive
Providence Oregon

A mobile crisis support team. Mental health services for women in need. Hope for those whose lives were upended in devastating fires.

Those stories are all part of our annual report to our communities, highlighting the work we have done together this past year.

In 2023, Providence in Oregon did so much to make sure that essential resources – such as health care, food and shelter – were more readily available to the people of our state. Working in partnership with community members, Providence ministries and affiliates provided an impressive $284 million towards community benefit initiatives in Oregon.

These targeted investments include:

$43.2 million in free and low-cost care,
$19.8 million in community health services, and
$11.3 million in subsidized health services.

Let me take a moment to say a special thank you to our community health division team at Providence. Their work helps determine how to invest for improved health in our communities and promote health equity. 

Finally, thank you to all of our caregivers for your dedication to the Mission of Providence. By working with others, we really are making progress toward health for a better world.